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We made this sailboat ⛵️



Growing seeds Ms.Burke’s Class Caolan, Ciara, Vakare, Sean and Alex

We are growing runner beans!





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Girls Basketball 16/17

  1. At the start of the season in November , we played our first match against Scoil Bhride. We played well and managed to win by one basket in the end. Then our next few matches were against Maynooth , Celbridge,Caragh and Clane . After winning all those matches we were top of the leauge!

In our semi-final we played against Scoil Mhuire, Ballymany . We won both legs and made it to the final on the 15th of February . We played against Kill for the 4th year in a row in Scoil Na Naomh Uilig, Newbridge . It was a tough game and both teams played very well but Kill managed to beat us in the end.We really enjoyed playing the final this year and we were pleased with making it to the final!

We enjoyed the season and we wish the best of luck to the 5th and 6th classes next year! Lets hope they make it to the final next year too!



Ms.Burkes 4th class are growing seeds

Brian, Matthew, Sophie and Erica have planted their cress, baby carrot and runner bean seeds.

Let’s see how they grow!

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Ms.Burkes 4th class go gardening!!!

Today we went to the garden and we planted seeds, cress, carrots and runner beans. To plant a seed we need water and soil. We can’t wait until we see how it all turns out!

By Ciara, Maja, Tiarnan and Tomás.

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Growing seeds with Ms.Burke’s 4th class!!!

On the 17/2/17 Ms.Burke’s 4th class planted some seeds.We planted some carrots, runner beans and cress. We put some water in our cups and then we put them on the windowsill in our classroom to let them grow.We are also testing another cup but we didn’t put it on the windowsill to see what will happen.

By Ciara, Joey, Amen and Eileen.

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Growing seeds with Ms.Burkes 4th class. Ava, Andrew, Cian and Jasmine

Ava, Andrew and Jasmine have planted some runner beans. Cian has planted some cress.

It is Sow and Grow month. We are going to see how well they grow.

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Growing seeds Ms Burkes 4th class Holly,Kate,Ethan and Dayna😊

On 17/2/17 we sow carrots, cress and runner beans. Ethan planted runner beans, Dayna planted cress, Kate planted baby carrot seeds  and Holly planted runner beans. We did this because it is Sow and Grow month. We had great  fun😀

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Ms Molyneaux sets the pace!

4th class warm up drills


4th class being fit                                                                          1st class are great skippers!


4th class  getting ready to be active!                                                              Penalty shoot outs with 3rd class

6th class soccer time 🙂

Playing some basketball with 4th class

On the 10th February at 10am our school took part in the Operation Transformation 10@10.

All of the classes in our school did activities. Some classes went outside and some stayed inside.

We love being active!


BY  Ella David Evan Annalee & Sophie 🙂

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Native Americans 6th class

In February 2017 Mr Kennedy’s 6th class did a project on the Native Americans.

We learned about how the Native Americans originally came from Asia. They got to America by a land bridge connecting the two continents. We also learned about the different tribes. There were over 600 different tribes across the continent. Every tribe had its own language. A vital part of their survival depended on the buffalo. They used parts of the buffalo for everything from tepees to food and clothes.

As part of art we made totem poles out of Pringles cans and kitchen rolls. We also used a variety of art supplies. We painted the totem poles and decorated them with crepe paper. We used paint and crepe paper to make animals and different designs on the totem poles. They turned out colourful, bright and realistic.

Overall we learned a lot about Native Americans , how they lived and how they survived in the wild.

By Ciarán Daly and Aoife Kearney 6th class Mr Kennedy


Sow and grow

We went to the school garden to Sow and grow.

We were given a cup and we put some compost into the cup.

We planted cress seeds, baby carrot seeds and runner beans in the compost.

We are looking forward to seeing them grow.

We had a great time.


Luke, Deirdre, Lucy, Tom and Cillian

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3rd Class Room 26 Visit the Book Fair

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A healthy snack: Cheese Straws

On Friday, 10/02/2017 we made our cheese straws.We used the BBC Food recipie.We used half of the ingredients listed so we did lots of math calculations. Here is the recipie,enjoy!

375 g plain flour

A pinch of salt

225 g butter

150 g grated cheese

50 g grated Parmesan cheese

a pinch of English mustard powder

a pinch of cayenne pepper

2 egg yolks

Takes 10 to 15 mins to cook.

Preheat the oven to 190C.

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Signs of Spring in the School Garden: 8/02/2017

Last week a few of us had time to go to the school garden to look 👀 for signs of spring.

We took the camera 🎥 with us to take pictures during the walk…

Look at the signs of spring we saw.

The daffodils 🌼 are starting to bloom!

Signs of spring in the wheelbarrow 🌱


Buds and bulbs! 🎋


Blue skies 🌌 at the ⛺️ teepees!


There are beautiful buds starting to grow


Bug 🐜 hotel: rooms for rent


The worms 🐛 Are doing their job composting


Reported and photographed by Jack and Conor 3rd Class


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Marvellous Magnets in Room 28 (3rd class)

We started experimenting with everyday objects from the classroom

We made our predictions, tested the objects with various magnets and recorded our results

We discovered that magnets are attracted to some metals but not all


We challenged ourselves to remove a paper clip from a jar of water without touching it

We also tried to move a toy car using a magnet. We discovered that ‘like’ poles repel each other and ‘opposite’ poles attract each other. We used this to move our cars


We had lots of fun learning all about magnets. We feel like ‘mini scientists’ 🙂


Active School Committee: 10@10




The Active School Committee had their first meeting on Friday 3rd February. Staff and pupils came together to plan how we can keep our school active and retain our Active School flag this year. Active School Committee members David and Sophie from Mr. Kennedy’s 6th class reported what has been planned so far:

This year the Active Schools Committee is planning another fun and exciting Active Schools project. We are trying to keep our school’s flag and to keep our school fit.

On Friday February 10th at 10.00 am the whole school will be taking part in Operation Transformation’s ’10 @ 10’. There will be various fitness activities taking place around the school at this time such as basketball drills, penalty shootouts, skipping and more. Classes will be getting active in their classrooms too with dancing and exercise videos. Here is a link to the Operation Transformation exercise video:


The school will be starting the Walk on Wednesdays (W.O.W) after the midterm break. There will be a great prize for the class who walks the most Wednesdays. The prize will be announced very shortly!


‘Get Active, Get Fit, Your Body Needs It!’


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Peace Proms 2017

Congratulations to the choir members who performed in the RDS yesterday as part of the Peace Proms 2017. 

It was a wonderful and very exciting day for all involved.

At the rehearsal

Getting excited before the show

During the show

Performing on stage!

Actions galore





Click here to see us practicing before the show!



Listen to “Heal the World”

The conductor and orchestra



A big congratulations to Sophie and Isabella! We are all very proud of you girls!


Look who we met today

  • Everyone got an Excellence in Science certificate and we got to meet Minister Bruton , Professor Mac Craith the president of DCU and Mr Sinnott the Vice President and general manager of Intel Ireland. Still waiting for the results!!
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Chocolate cupcakes! Testing the Oven!

Follow our steps below and make these delicious chocolate chip cup cakes! Success!

Oven: 190 degrees

90 g self raising flour

90 g sugar

90 g butter

2 eggs

vanilla essence

2 heaped teaspoons of Cocoa powder

Chocolate chips!


These didn’t last long!

Let us know how your baking is going! A great way to share time with friends and family!


Update from the Helix

We’re just finished lunch and waiting for Scientific Sue and her science show ‘The Science of Bubbles’.

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The Miniscientist Grand Final



Hello from the Grand Final in the Helix in Dublin. We left very early this morning when it was still dark. It was 7.30. We arrived at the Helix at DCU on the north side of Dublin. We started off with a lovely hot chocolate. Yummy!! We’re set up now and waiting for the judges. We’re nervous but excited!


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