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Scientific Art with Bubbles: Room 28

We were doing materials in Science with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and it made a big reaction!

  • First we experimented with solids and liquids
  • We were testing for a reversible and irreversible change
  • We had great fun doing science
  • We learned that bicarbonate of soda and vinegar caused a chemical reaction. The acid in the vinegar caused the explosion!

Today, Friday, we did this experiment again using food colouring.

  • It was very colourful!
  • It was foamy……….

We are scientists and artists!

What do you think?

Third Class Room 28

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Science Week Rm 26: Playing the Bananas

We had a great time during Science Week.


In our classroom we learned to use how to play the bananas and the bongo pencil case.

We used:

  • The Classroom Computer
  • The Interactive Whiteboard
  • A Makey Makey Circuit Board
  • Bananas
  • Pupils
  • Items from our pencil case

First we connected the bananas to the Makey Makey circuit board and the circuit board to the computer.

We held one wire and touched the bananas to close the circuit and play the bananas.


We also tested items from our pencil case and found out that the wood of a pencil and the nib didn’t work but pencil lead drawn on paper worked. We also found out that plastic, markers, pencil grip and rubber didn’t work, but a paper clip, a metal key-ring, the metal part of a pen did work.


After that, we tested how many people could carry the current in the circuit and play the bongo drums. We held hands and the first and last person in the line held the clips attached to the circuit board. We figured out that it would travel through 32 people and still work.

We had a great time!!

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Rm 26: Testing the Fish Tank

Every week we test how the fish are in our fish tank are. We test the water to make sure it is healthy for our fish and plants.

We test the Nitrates, Nitrites, Iron, PH and Ammonia. We also check the temperature. The chemicals in the tests cause a reaction. We wait 5 minutes for the results. It is amazing to see the colour changing as we wait.

We also add nutrients to the aquarium for the fish and plants. This is very good for the fish tank, it keeps the fish healthy and happy. It is very exciting and enjoyable to do the tests. We learn a lot from taking care of our fish and plants. It is good for the environment.

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Winter art captured on an indoor walk! Tuesday 27th Nov 2018

Today we looked for some winter art around the school. We all took some pictures!

We hope you like them.

Please comment!

Posted By: Luke, Luca & Ciallian

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“GAME OF LIFE” is fun to play: The Friday Groups met today!

Game of Life Junior is fun to play with friends. You can go on an exciting day out. You drive around the board and visit as many places as you can. You collect stars and carry out activities. Four of us played on Friday morning. When it was time to finish, we took photos of our game journey. At home we can retell you about the trip!

Here goes!

This is the YELLOW car’s story!


Here is the RED car’s story.

The GREEN car had a good day!

The BLUE car had fun too!

We can look at the blog at home and retell our adventure!

The after lunch Friday Group met at 1:20pm

We played a new game and also recorded our adventures! Kate was first to get her 10 stars and Ross was very close to 10 when it was time to stop! We recorded our adventures too.

Our Stories!




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Today we started new paintings and our Winter Paintings are on display outside along the corridor! Thanks for returning to see our ART!

YAY! It’s Friday!

Happy Weekend

From Room 28

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Room 28 visit the Science Projects

Everybody’s projects were great. We had great fun.It was very interesting. We learned lots of new things and facts. We are inspired. Thank you everyone who showed us the projects.

Well done everyone.

Blogged from Room 28 THIRD CLASS

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Room 18 following game rules is the way to play!

Play by the rules!

Games are fun when we all cooperate!

Have you played PICTIONARY… UNO… DOUBLE.

Play some of these activities with your friends on really cold or rainy days!

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Ms. O’ Donovan’s Room 12 makes Carbon Dioxide



MATERIALS: bread soda, vinegar

APPARATUS: balloon, a bottle


STEP ONE; Pour the vinegar into the bottle. Pour in enough to fill a quarter of the bottle.

STEP TWO: Put 4 teaspoons of bread soda into the balloon.  Next, attach the balloon to the bottle.

STEP THREE: Be sure the balloon is facing upwards. Last stand back and wait! (You may need to stand near a sink for this!)

RESULT: We discovered that the bread soda mixes with the vinegar to make a gas called carbon dioxide CO2.  This gas blows up the balloon for a minute or two. This happens because the bread soda is mainly made of sodium, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. The vinegar changes the parts causing a gas to be released which inflates the balloon.

Here are some photographs of our experiment!






Busy Hands.. if we make more we can learn to juggle!


We followed a video for instructions!


Ancient Greece: Myths & Legends: 3rd Class Room 26

This afternoon we designed our own Greek Vases of the Myths and Legends…

We are still working on them.

Come back next week to see how they look!

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Beebot visits Second Class

Following the Beebot’s enjoyable visit to third class, we had some fun with the Beebot, while developing our  positional language.

We recorded some directions and counted steps forward and sometimes backwards!

Thank you to third class for the very helpful post below and providing a wonderful demo.


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Recipe for Friendship by Ms. Reidy’s Second Class Room 25


First  we decided what makes a good  friend.

Next we called  these  our ingredients.

Then we drew a picture of our friends.

Last we coloured in our pictures.

Can you see what ingredients make a good friend?

Here are some samples!



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Our Lovely Winter Paintings: Room 28

Look at our lovely winter pictures! Jack Frost came…. so we did winter art. Today we did our lovely winter pictures. Come back when they are hanging up…. NEXT WEEK




Today we made a LEGO train working as a team!

Well Done!


Lego Blog made by:

Luke, Cillian & Luca


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