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Ms. O’ Donovan’s Room 12 makes Carbon Dioxide

on November 9, 2018



MATERIALS: bread soda, vinegar

APPARATUS: balloon, a bottle


STEP ONE; Pour the vinegar into the bottle. Pour in enough to fill a quarter of the bottle.

STEP TWO: Put 4 teaspoons of bread soda into the balloon.  Next, attach the balloon to the bottle.

STEP THREE: Be sure the balloon is facing upwards. Last stand back and wait! (You may need to stand near a sink for this!)

RESULT: We discovered that the bread soda mixes with the vinegar to make a gas called carbon dioxide CO2.  This gas blows up the balloon for a minute or two. This happens because the bread soda is mainly made of sodium, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. The vinegar changes the parts causing a gas to be released which inflates the balloon.

Here are some photographs of our experiment!





2 Responses to “Ms. O’ Donovan’s Room 12 makes Carbon Dioxide”

  1. Ms Kelly says:

    It looks like everyone was really enjoying this science experiment, ahead of Science Week next week.

  2. Muireann McDermott says:

    We really enjoyed it!!

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