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The Junior Infant Daffodil Patch… Kevin is tending our garden for us!

Hello Children in Junior Infants!

This past week we all said ‘HELLO’ to our wonderful caretaker KEVIN via ZOOM!

Kevin is taking care of the School Garden for us while we are on HOME SCHOOLING!

Come and See…   

Click on this hyperlink below to see our DAFFODILS and Kevin at work in the garden:

In The School Garden February2021 – YouTube


Do you remember our garden walks…

Our apple sauce…

Scroll back through the BLOG to see the history of our lovely garden…


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ZOOM @ Sallins National School: A HOW TO… VIDEO-GUIDE

Welcome this week to your class group Zoom check-in.

This video-guide shows you how to prepare for your child’s class session

Keep safe and well. We are all Home-Schooling as a team.

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine”


Hopefully connecting to ZOOM will be as direct as clicking on the link in the email you receive from the class teachers, or opening the zoom app and joining the meeting using the ID number and the Code in the same email.

If you have difficulty joining the class meeting, please contact us as soon as possible, emailing the class teacher or contacting the school. We will do our best to sort this before the next meeting. We are trouble shooting as we go.

Thank you!



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