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Toasting the Leap Year with French Toast!

Today we made French Toast in our Friends Cooking Group!

We whisked 5 eggs, with  a cup of milk and cinnamon!


We soaked the bread in the mixture.


Then we fried it on the pan.


It was delicious with maple syrup/honey and blueberries!

Look out for more healthy snack ideas to share with friends!


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AQUAPONICS New Fish and New Plants Today!

The New Angel Fish

The New Angel Fish

We went to see the fish tank today. Kevin came with us. We saw the new Angel Fish. We saw the new plants. We told our friends in Room 2

Looking at the fish

   Looking at the fish


Looking at the plants

Looking at the plants

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Moon & Sixpence Puppet Theatre comes to Sallins School

Little Red Riding Hood

IMG_4875 IMG_4873 IMG_4872 IMG_4864 IMG_4862

Today, the children from Junior Infants up to Second Class attended the exciting puppet shows:

Little Red Riding Hood

Moon & Sixpence Puppet Theatre visited our school and entertained us all with a lively show. The Big Bad Wolf tried to turn us into Litter Bugs but we taught him the Pick Up Litter Song and saved the day! We are not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!

We had a great time!

To read more about Moon & Sixpence….

Visit their website




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Whatever The Weather! Let’s Play Hockey!


Sallins School Hockey Club braved the elements today to meet Clane G.N.S. at the Naas All Weather Hockey Pitch! Our 3 teams: Red, Blue and Green played some great games against Clane GNS. No one was put off by the wet and wild weather! We had a really good, friendly outing and we held onto our record “Unbeaten” this year. Thanks to the Clane teams  and to our supporters for joining us, regardless of the freezing cold! That’s what all weather pitches are for!

Well Done Everyone!




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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Room 1: “We hope you enjoyed the Heart Shaped Valentine Cookies that we baked for you!”

All you need:

  • 250 g Flourimage1
  • 70 g Icing Sugar
  • 125 g Butter


160 C. 10 mins.

To see more cooking ideas… visit the “Cooking Together” Drop Down Menu on the School Website!

Click HERE











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1916 Presentations

In Mr O’Neill’s 4th class we have studied the events of Easter Week 1916. We were divided into groups and each of us had to do research on our topic. When we had all practised our parts Mr O’Neill invited some of the 3rd and 4th classes to join us and listen to our presentations. We were all very nervous! Once we got started we were great! The presentations included, The Rich and The Poor in 1916, The British Army, The Rebel Leaders who signed the Proclamation and Roger Casement’s story. A group also talked about the some of the buildings that became famous as a result of the Rising for example: G.P.O.,Liberty Hall and Boland’s Mill. Click here for website

IMG_8781 IMG_8782


IMG_8797 We will be back with part 2 next week.



Celebrating Pancake Tuesday

In Room 1, the Junior Infants followed a simple pancake recipe and saw how materials can change when mixed and heated! It was very scientific …. with very tasty results!

This is the recipe:

200 g Flour

4  Eggs

600 ml Milk

Lemon Juice and Icing Sugar.

We took turns weighing, pouring and mixing!

We took turns frying the pancakes! Everyone had a pancake!


We took some photos!

IMG_6544     We weighed the flour

IMG_6527  We added 4 eggs

IMG_6521  We poured in the milk

IMG_6545  We were very careful when using the mixer!

IMG_6536  Pouring the pancake onto the pan!

IMG_6526  Flip the pancake!

IMG_6531  Fresh lemon juice is perfect on the pancakes!

IMG_6525  Tasty!

Thank you for viewing our “Science of Cooking” day on Pancake Tuesday.



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Electronic Lego

Three girls from our class, Maeve, Yen Lin and Kaitlyn, each won an amazing Amazon Fire tablet  at the BTYSE at the RDS on Friday 8th January. Their amazing invention using electronic lego was chosen at the end of the day from lots of other amazing designs by children from our school and lots of other schools. The girls were shocked and amazed to receive such a great prize. Well done girls!!

Thank you to Intellectual Ventures who sponsored the Lego sessions and provided the great prizes. Thank you to the Lego engineers who helped us on the day. Their project was an electronic arm using Lego. Check our website for more photographs.

IMG_8715 IMG_8669


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