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Celebrating Pancake Tuesday

on February 10, 2016

In Room 1, the Junior Infants followed a simple pancake recipe and saw how materials can change when mixed and heated! It was very scientific …. with very tasty results!

This is the recipe:

200 g Flour

4  Eggs

600 ml Milk

Lemon Juice and Icing Sugar.

We took turns weighing, pouring and mixing!

We took turns frying the pancakes! Everyone had a pancake!


We took some photos!

IMG_6544     We weighed the flour

IMG_6527  We added 4 eggs

IMG_6521  We poured in the milk

IMG_6545  We were very careful when using the mixer!

IMG_6536  Pouring the pancake onto the pan!

IMG_6526  Flip the pancake!

IMG_6531  Fresh lemon juice is perfect on the pancakes!

IMG_6525  Tasty!

Thank you for viewing our “Science of Cooking” day on Pancake Tuesday.



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