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Ár mBaile-Na Solláin


An Cánal Mór

An stáisiúm traenach

An séipéal


Shiúileamar timpeall na.Sollain inné(Dé Céardaoin 20 ú Nollaig). Bhíomar a lorg ar an h-áiseanna inar gceantar. Bhí tableid ríomhaire againn.Thógamar a lán grianghraif. Tá roinnt mhaith aiseanna.Bhian sproai againn.

Ryan,Óisín,Jemma,Amy,Dylan O’ S.

Rang a 6.

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Ár mBaile – Na Solláin

Jack,Dylan,Ciara and Jennie.

Rang a 6

Shiuileamar timpeall na Sollain inne ( De Ceadaoin 20u Nollaig)

Bhiomar ag lorg an n h-alainn inar greanta

Bhi tableid riomhaire againn.

Thógamar a lán grianghraif.

Tá roinnt mhaith áiseanna aice lamha.

An Canal Mhór.


Phairc imeathra C.L.G


Scoil Naomh Lorcán


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Ár mBaile-Na Solláin

Keeva,Katie,Kieran,Adam and Hannah

Rang a 6.

Shiuilearmar timpeall n.a. Sollon inne (Dé Ceadoin 20ú Nollaig).

Bhíomar at lorg ar na h-áiseanna inar gceantar.

Bhí taiblaid riomhaire againn.

Thogamar (a lán / iomarca) grianghraif.

Tá ronnt mhaith áiseanna in aice laimhe.

Bhí an spórt againn.

An Scoil.

An Canal mor

An pairc imeartha


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Ár mBaile – Na Solláin

●Shiuileamar timpeall na Salloin inné (De  Ceadoain 20u nollag.)

●Bhiomar at org ar na haiseanna inar gceantar.

●Bhí table if riomhaire againn.

●Thógamar a lán griangraif.

●Tá roinnt mhaith áiseanna in aice laimhe.

●Bhaineannar an taitnaimh againn.

Cillian, Glen, Aimee, Jude, Anna


An t-Ionad siopadoreacht agus an staisiun traenach agus an  canal

Ranga 6

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Ár mBaile-Na Sollain

Luke,Paddy, Sarah, Amy,Szymon

Rang a 6.

Shiuileamar timpeall na Sollain inné. (Dé Céadaoin 20 ú Nollag). Bhíomar ag lorg at na h-aiseanna inár gceantar. Thógamar a lán grianghraif. Tá round my with áiseanna in aice laimhe. Bhí an sport againn.

Seo iad grainghraif do staisiúin traenach , an canál ,pairc imeartha.

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Ár mBaile – Na Solláin.


Rang a 6

Shiúileamar timpeall na Solláin inné (De Ceadaoin 20ú Nollag) .Bhíomar ag lorg ar na h-aiseanna inár gceantar. D’usáideamar táibléid riomhaire. Thógamar a lán grianghraif .Tá roint mhaith ais in aice lamha. Bhí an-spórt againn.

An Cánal Mhór.


C.L.G. Na Sollain.

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Our Budding Artist in Room 7!

Last Week, Seán in our class came second place in the County Kildare Credit Union Art Competition.                                                        Seán attended a lovely awards ceremony in Toghers where he collected his prize! Well done Seán! We are really proud of you!

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Room 3 – Christmas Play Day

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Christmas in Room 14

We have been having lots of festive fun here in room 14 in the build up to Christmas time. We would like to share some of the things we have been doing with our friends and families.

One of the things we love to do at Christmas time is to decorate the Christmas tree. We made paper ball reindeer as a decoration to take home to our Christmas trees. Another big tradition at this time of year is Christmas cards. We used finger painting and crepe paper to create cards with some of Santa’s reindeer on the front. We also made these fun elf envelopes to deliver our cards in.



As a festive treat last Friday and to warm up from all the ice, snow and cold weather we made some hot chocolate with Ms. Reidy. We poured our hot chocolate into the polar bear paper cups we designed the day before. We added marshmallows and chocolate chips to the top.  It tasted delicious.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from all the boys and girls in room 14 and Ms. Reidy.

By Jack O’ S., Isabelle and Jack C.




6th Class Willow Weaving

Last Tuesday and Wednesday Beth Murphy came into our 6th classes and taught us how to weave with willow.She showed us different types of Willow.She also showed us how to make a small Christmas Tree.


Step 1:

She gave us a thick piece of Willow to start our frame. We made a triangle with the Willow.

Step 2:

We used thin Willow to make the top of the tree by weaving it around the frame and trunk of the tree.

Step 3:

We used new willow to continue the tree and add colour.

Step 4:



We used buff willow to complete the tree.


Step 5:

When we finished, Beth helped trim the tree. We decorated our trees with ribbon.



Beth showed us a video about willow weaving and some of here pieces.

We enjoyed it and we would like to do it again.



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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in 3rd Class!

The tablet camera and technology help us blog about Our School Art… to the world.

We use the tablet to take photos of ‘Corridor Art’ and then we connect the tablet to the classroom computer. We use the ‘EDUBLOGS’ programme  to make a new post and we follow the steps of ‘How To’ upload the pictures and create a GALLERY!


Photos and Blog by Davey and Evan: 3rd Class

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2nd Class: Room 25 Explore Materials In The Garden

We went to the garden. 

We looked at different materials and plants. 

We found lots of great things.

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On Friday 1st December, in Room 18, we made “Breakfast Bites”

We followed the DK:  COOK IT STEP BY STEP book! Delicious dishes you’ll really want to make!









See how we worked together to make this popular dish.

It is eaten in Portugal at Christmas.

You will need:

Eggs, one each is good!

240 ml milk

1/4 tsp cinnamon

Slices of white bread. We took two each!

2 tbsp sunflower oil

Fruit to serve: we had strawberries!

Whisk, mixing bowl, shallow dish, frying pan and a spatula


Blog by students in 3rd class.

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