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Sallins Abu! 2016 Sports Awards

Sallins Abu! Welcome to our visiting Sports Star: Tommy Moolick. Tommy will be playing for Kildare this Sunday, against Westmeath in Croke Park! Good Luck Tommy! Good Luck Kildare! Here are just a few of today’s highlights! Lots more to follow! So watch the blog for our Sports Awards News and link to our school website:



Our Second Green Flag!

On the 15th of June 2016 our second green flag was risen. The weather was not ideal at first but it managed to clear just in time to start our ceremony.The ceremony took place at the front of the school.Some of the children’s parents came to see the raising of the green flag.Three members of the green schools committee made speeches for the event. Our caretaker Kevin gracefully raised our second green flag, it was very exciting. As it reached the top everyone cheered at the top of their voices. Then the junior and senior infants concluded the ceremony with an energy saving song.

Written by: Sophie Daly , Justine Dolan , Katie Culligan and Jacques O’Beirne 🙂

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Making Magical Creatures For Bloom!!!!!

Hi Its, Amber, Grace, Luke, Orla and Sufti here!

Last week made Magical Creatures for Bloom! We were asked to make magic creatures to put up in a  Bloom garden .

We had a lot of fun making all sorts of creatures!We made gnomes, fairies, frogs , toadstools etc.

They were out in a garden in Bloom hanging on trees and stuck on walls! We used paint , markers and crayons .

We were overjoyed that Bloom asked us to design enchanted creatures!

Many thanks to Bloom ,

from Amber, Grace, Luke, Orla and Sufti 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Junior Infant Classes on Tour to STONEBROOK FARM

Room 1: Ms Amond’s Junior Infant Class.


Room 2: Ms Moreau’s Junior Infant Class.


Room 3: Ms Cosgrave’s Junior Infant Class.


On Friday we went to Stone Brook Farm.

We had a great time.

We saw lots of animals.

Here is our photo gallery of the day:

To learn more about Stonebrook Farm in Co. Kildare, visit their website:

Click on the link:



Visit from a Hurling Hero!

Tipperary Hurling Legend, John Leahy, dropped into the school today to speak to our victorious Under 13 Hurling team.

John has won 5 Munster titles, 3 All Ireland medals and 3 All Star awards! He gave the players some great advice about becoming a great hurler, being a team player and making friends through sport.

It was wonderful to have such a decorated hurler take the time to meet our great players.

Míle Buíochas John!


John Leahy with members of the Under 13 Hurling team, wishing the Féile team the best of Luck.

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We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday!

Ms. Spring’s 2nd Class

We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday!

Click on the link to sing along

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Having a wonderful time at Stonebrook Farm!

image image image image image image

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Féile Team Photos


Féile team members; past and present pupils, along with the Féile trophy and the school’s U-13 trophy.


The nine pupils from 5th & 6th class who are part of the Féile team heading for Tiobraid Árann.

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Féile Fever in Sallins!!

Today, Wednesday 15th June, four members of the Sallins GAA Under 14 Hurling team and past pupils of St. Laurence’s N.S., visited the school.

We are delighted that Eoin, Ciarán, Rian and Stephen brought the Kildare Féile trophy to their alma mater to show to some of the classes. They were joined by their teammates who are in 5th & 6th class.

U-14 Féile team members.

Best Wishes to the U-14 Féile team!

Sallins Under 14’s have won this title for the second year in a row! History makers! This Friday they will travel to the south of Tipperary to take part in the All Ireland Féile Championships. This is a great honour and everyone at St. Laurence’s N.S. are very proud of them. We wish them all the very best of luck!

Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh!



Raising our 2nd Green Flag

Today June 15th we raised our 2nd Green Flag. The whole school came together in the front carpark. Members of the Green Schools’ committee told everybody about everything that has been done this year. Searlait, Ruairí, and Anna made speeches. After the speeches the Committee members including Kevin, our caretaker, raised the flag on the new flagpole. Everybody cheered!! Junior Infants sang their song about picking litter,’If you see a piece of litter, pick it up!!’

The man from the Leinster Leader took our photograph with the new flag!

Well done everybody!

Show how much we care, save Energy everywhere!!

This was our Energy flag!!


Congratulations to Haley McCormack and the Kildare U14 Team! A Win


Congratulations to Haley and the team on their win!

The Result: Kildare: 9-12      Cavan 4-06

Commiserations to Cavan. Getting to the semi-finals was great for both the teams.

It is a real bonus for Kildare now to be in the FINALS!

Well Played on the day. All of us in Sallins are proud of you.

HALEY! Let us know the date for the FINAL and we will be supporting you and the team!



Junior & Senior Infants! You are My Sunshine!


Hello to all the boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants!

Let’s sing!


Click on the link below and sing along at home!



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WAVING FLAG! Let’s get singing!

Hi 5th & 6th Class!

Waving Flag

Click on the link below and sing along to WAVIN’ FLAG!

We’ll know it off by heart and then we can sing along with the backing track!





Moorhens and ducks

Some more wildlife on the Grand Canal in Co Kildare.

Have you seen any of these along the canal?

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Wildlife on the Grand Canal

A female swan is called a pen. Do you know what a male swan is called?

Can you find out what the young swans are called?


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The Grand Canal in Summer.

We are so lucky to have The Grand Canal flowing through Sallins. Have a look at some of the plants  we can find there in summer.

There are four main types of water plants (Aquatic).

The first group are submerged. That means they live under the water of the canal. an example of this is the Spiked Watermilfoil. It has thin reddish flowery spikes that appear above the surface of the water. Maybe you can spot some in the pictures below. They flower in June and July.

The second group are Emergent plants. This means that their roots are under water in the canal bed in the mud but their leaves and flowers grow above the water. An example of this are bullrushes.  The female flower head is brown. The male flower head is feathery and appears above the top of the female flower head.

The next group are the Floating Leafed Plants. These have their roots in the canal bed and the stem grows to the surface of the water. The leaves and flowers grow floating on the surface of the canal water. Can you think of one of these plants? That’s right it’s the Water Lily. Can you find any below?

The 4th group are the free floating leafed plants. These plants float freely in the canal. They are like a floating carpet. They are not rooted in the canal. An example of this is Duckweed.

Along the banks of the canal you can see lots of different plants in summertime. Buttercups, Purple Clover, Dandelions, Nettles, the Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag, Herb Robert, Marsh thistles, Great Willowherb, Daisies, Selfheal, Water Forget- me- not, Marsh Marigolds look like buutercups, they can have between 4-9 petals but usually they have 5.

Can you recognise any of these below? If not why not try to find out?


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Wonderful work by our 5th classes on display at Bloom 2016!!




Click on this link below to visit our school website for more news of the match!



A fun day at bloom


Last Friday we went to Bloom. Bloom is a festival for your garden. It is held in Phoenix park in Dublin. Ms Keane, Kevin, Ms McMahon and 20 children in 5th class were chosen to go to Bloom. This year it was their 10th anniversary. It only took about an hour to get there. We learned that sweet potatoes are actually an over grown root or stem and a lot more. We got to taste lots of different foods and we met Enda Kenny and took some photos with him. Overall it was a great day!






5th class were invited to Bloom 2016!

It was an enjoyable day for some  5th class pupils. Bloom is a massive festival for people who enjoy gardening. We were minded by Ms McMahon, Ms. Keane and Kevin our caretaker. We put ourselves into pairs for the bus journey. It was a LONG ride!! It was in the Phoenix Park.

Our tour guide David lead us around. We learned so much about gardening.

It was HUGE!!!

It was HUGE!!!

Posted by Mr Kennedy’s 5th class.




Hurling Final Highlights!

Get The Sliotar!

Get The Sliotar!

All Out Attack!

All Out Attack!

Hurling Final

Sallins Emerged Victorious

Sallins Emerged Victorious

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Brian Kirk

This term an author, Brian Kirk came to fifth class. He showed us his book, The Rising Son. It was a very good book and very enjoyable to read. We were learning about The Easter Rising this year because it is the 100th anniversary.

He showed us pictures of The Easter Rising 1916 on the white board. One of the pictures he showed us was of a boy in front of the GPO. Then he asked us questions and got us to write a short story about it in 6 minutes. Half of the class wrote in 1st person and the other half in 3rd person. Some people read their stories out to the class and they were very good. This was very fun and would love another author to come back.

blog by Sophie, Amy and Jenna. Mr Kennedy’s 5th class The Rising Son





To visit Brian Kirk’s Blog click on the link below:


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Senior girls football division 2.WINNERS

In May the under 13 Girls Football Team won their final. The girls played very well against Gaelscoil Ui Fhiach. They  won by two points. The score was 1-5 to 1-3. The team put in a lot of hard work and deserved the win.


Blog by Anna,Katie and Ailbhe,  5th class.

Pictures to follow.


Senior under 14 div 2 win the final

Yesterday the Sallins senior hurlers won the division 2 hurling final. It was a tough match but Sallins just pulled away in the 2nd half. The pitch was a bit bumpy but it didn’t bother us. It was a great feeling being a part of the team. We were very grateful to win the finals. We had to beat five very good teams to win the final. The final score was 4-10 4-4



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Brian Kirk is back to school !!!

Brian Kirk is an author and he published a new story called The Rising Son . He visited 5th class to talk about his new book. His book was about a boy who was living in 2016 and when he went to sleep he was in 1916. We were learning about 1916 this year since it was the 100th anniversary. He read a chapter of the book to the classes, we also did writing exercises and looked at pictures. It was very interesting and really fun , we all want to read the book because its about our  own  country’s  history.

Blog by Hannah,Curt and Saoirse.

Brian Kirk



Link to Brian Kirk’s Blog:



Match Actions

Sallins receiving the cup!

Sallins receiving the cup!

team photo after the match

Team photo after the match

battle for the cup

Battle for the cup

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Hurling Finals Senior Under 13 Division 2



Haley McCormack plays for Kildare!



Haley McCormack is a past pupil of St. Laurence’s National School. Haley was our sports person of the year in 2015!


Haley visited Sallins N.S. Today: 8th June 2016

Now Haley is playing at county level! Haley and her team mates, having won the Leinster title, are representing Co. Kildare at the u14 All Ireland Gaelic Football Semi-final this Sunday against Co. Cavan.


Comment back to us to support Haley



Mrs Moreau’s Junior Infants in the Garden


Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! Today Mrs. Moreau’s class went walking in the garden.

We saw living things!


The flowers and trees in the garden are lovely!

Please comment! Tell us what you think!

😄 🐛🌺🌸🌼🐌🌾🌳🌿





Ms. Dunning’s First Class visit the Garden

Ms. Dunning’s 1st Class.

Today we explored the school garden and we did some mini-beast and plant sketches!

Here we are!

🔎 🐛 🐝 🐌 🕷🌻 🌹 🌼 🌸  🌱 🔍image

🔎 🌱 🌸 🌼 🌹🌻 🕷 🐌  🐝 🐛 🔍



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