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LEA HEART Sings for 6th Class @ Sallins NS

Yesterday Lea Heart came to our school to sing a song for us. She sang the song Older… here is how it went.

made by lily mc clean

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Congratulations! First Holy Communions: May 2022 @ Sallins National School

Congratulations to the children in our 2nd Classes @ Sallins NS

They recently celebrated their First Holy Communion @ Sallins Church with Fr. Alex.

They also have lovely Art Work on display at school.

Well Done!

Blog by Lucy A 6th Class


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Student Council News! BAKE-SALE 31st May 2022

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for the BAKE-SALE?


It will be a great day for us and we hope… for you as well!

The bake-sale is on:

TUESDAY: 31st May 2022

Thank you to all the families that have signed up to bake!

We ask you to let your children bring in the baked goods to their class on 31st May and a Council member will collect them..

On the BAKE-SALE day the children are allowed to bring money to school. The cakes will not be expensive. The children will be able to enjoy the cakes at lunch time or save them for later!

We will set everything up in the hall. and the children will visit the hall class by class to buy cakes.

We hope everyone will enjoy this fabulous event!

BLOG by DAVID (Deputy Chairperson)


The Student Council

Why not CLICK on this link below to revisit The Student Council’s last BAKE-SALE: February 2020 just before the Pandemic! We raised a lot of money for school projects! Read all about it….. 🙂

It’s great to be BACK!

bake sale « Search Results « Sallins National School (


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Come and See! The Blue Tit Chicks have hatched in our Nesting Box

We are vert lucky in Sallins NS to have a TV-Camera link to the NESTING box outside in the School Garden. This TV is set up in the School Library and we can check on the nest daily.


The Good News….

The Chicks have hatched and the parent bird is caring for the young

Come and See…


We are very excited to see the Blue Tit family growing stronger by the day!


We will keep you posted!


BOLG by Lucy A & Lily McC

6th Class



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Walk & Talk ART: We review the Art Displays digitally… so that you can VIEW TOO!

Take a look around the school with us today…

See the beautiful Art Work on display…


Thanks to our photographers!

Lily, Ross & Kate

Room 21

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6th Class Room 20: Celebrating Easter with White Clay Medallions! Decorative and Imaginative!

Click on the video link below to view our Easter Medallion Art:

Clay Medallions 6th Class Room 20 – YouTube


Follow the recipe posted by our friends in Room 21 if you like to try making models at home.

You will need adult help to cook the clay. Always be careful!

We modelled the medallions using this quick drying pre-cooked white clay!

Once it dried (A few days on a warm windowsill) painting/colouring is easy!

Let us know what you think!


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HOLES by LOUIS SACHAR: BOOK REVIEWS from 6th Class Room 22

Recently as  a class group, we read the novel

‘HOLES’ by Louis Sachar

CLICK on the video below to read our reviews.

Pause at any time to read in more detail!

Let us know what you think!


Have you read the BOOK?

You can also check out the MOVIE

We did!


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Room 21: 6th Class making White Clay this week!

This week in Room 21 we made White Clay

  Thanks to Miss Macnamara so give her a big thank you!

If you would like to make the clay at home here is the recipe:

Mix one cup of bread soda with half a cup of corn flour. Add three quarter cups off water and cook over a gentle heat. Keep stirring so it doesn’t stick to the pot until it forms a soft dough.  Off you go!

look out for more blogging soon

bye for now   from Lily and Kate 🙂


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Sallins National School Sensory Room: A Calm & Relaxing Place

Some more work has been done in our Sensory Room. Thank you to the Parents’ Council for helping fund raise with us! Yesterday we went over to check out the atmosphere.

It was very calming and relaxing. We have a new Lava Lamp that makes the room glow with warm red and pink light. We also have a a light box that changes colour and fills the the room with a rainbow of colours.

The Yoga Balls are lovely to relax on and help with your balance. It is nice to lie under the weighted blanket and let your mind empty of any stress or worry. Before leaving we had a competition on the wobble board! My turn to win 🙂

Check it out!


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