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Brian Kirk is back to school !!!

on June 10, 2016

Brian Kirk is an author and he published a new story called The Rising Son . He visited 5th class to talk about his new book. His book was about a boy who was living in 2016 and when he went to sleep he was in 1916. We were learning about 1916 this year since it was the 100th anniversary. He read a chapter of the book to the classes, we also did writing exercises and looked at pictures. It was very interesting and really fun , we all want to read the book because its about our  own  country’s  history.

Blog by Hannah,Curt and Saoirse.

Brian Kirk



Link to Brian Kirk’s Blog:


2 Responses to “Brian Kirk is back to school !!!”

  1. mrkennedy5thclass says:

    Had an enjoyable time with him….we learned lots!!!

  2. M Keane says:

    Sounds like a good book!

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