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Moorhens and ducks

Some more wildlife on the Grand Canal in Co Kildare.

Have you seen any of these along the canal?

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Wildlife on the Grand Canal

A female swan is called a pen. Do you know what a male swan is called?

Can you find out what the young swans are called?


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The Grand Canal in Summer.

We are so lucky to have The Grand Canal flowing through Sallins. Have a look at some of the plants  we can find there in summer.

There are four main types of water plants (Aquatic).

The first group are submerged. That means they live under the water of the canal. an example of this is the Spiked Watermilfoil. It has thin reddish flowery spikes that appear above the surface of the water. Maybe you can spot some in the pictures below. They flower in June and July.

The second group are Emergent plants. This means that their roots are under water in the canal bed in the mud but their leaves and flowers grow above the water. An example of this are bullrushes.  The female flower head is brown. The male flower head is feathery and appears above the top of the female flower head.

The next group are the Floating Leafed Plants. These have their roots in the canal bed and the stem grows to the surface of the water. The leaves and flowers grow floating on the surface of the canal water. Can you think of one of these plants? That’s right it’s the Water Lily. Can you find any below?

The 4th group are the free floating leafed plants. These plants float freely in the canal. They are like a floating carpet. They are not rooted in the canal. An example of this is Duckweed.

Along the banks of the canal you can see lots of different plants in summertime. Buttercups, Purple Clover, Dandelions, Nettles, the Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag, Herb Robert, Marsh thistles, Great Willowherb, Daisies, Selfheal, Water Forget- me- not, Marsh Marigolds look like buutercups, they can have between 4-9 petals but usually they have 5.

Can you recognise any of these below? If not why not try to find out?


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Wonderful work by our 5th classes on display at Bloom 2016!!


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