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Waterways Ireland Photography Competition

Waterways Ireland are running an exciting competition and are looking for photographs of the canal to be submitted to them. There are some great prizes on offer. The competition is open to 5th and 6th class students and you can only submit one photograph per student. If you would like to get involved, please email your photograph to and I will submit it on your behalf before the 29th of May. The ICT club will be taking photographs for this competition in the coming weeks also. Good luck!


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Aquaponics training for the teachers

As the Aquaponics system has been such a success, the teachers are being trained on how to look after the fish tank. Cameron’s Dad knows a lot about fish and he is helping to look after the fish. First he will train the teachers how to care for the Aquaponics System and then the teachers will set up a timetable and teach the children how to care for the fish, maintain the tank and grow the plants! We are really looking forward to it!

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ICT Club Perfect Posts

This week at ICT club, we did a Perfect Posts Activity, which is where we get a paragraph, and we had to correct all the spelling mistakes and punctuation marks. Here are some pictures of us doing this activity.

IMG_2378 IMG_2376 IMG_2375 IMG_2374 IMG_2373IMG_2371

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Mid Term Break

Next week we are having a week off for our Mid Term Break. We can’t wait to have the week off. It is great for the students to have a break after all the work they have done over the year. During the midterm we have the chance to take part in different activities and we are looking forward to it!

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Cyber-bullying Talk

John from Barnardos came to the school last week to give the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes a fascinating talk on the topic of cyber-bullying. We learnt an abundance of information including the importance of not sharing personal information on social media, such as Facebook. It’s important to use letters and numbers in your passwords to ensure that they are strong.We are practising what we learnt by creating strong passwords for our school blog login details.

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We got to play tennis on Thursday. The Tennis coach’s name was Darren. We played lots of fun games. We started off by doing a warm up game, where each class was divided up into 6 groups of 5. Group 1 and 2 took turns hitting the ball at each other. Groups 3-6 repeated the same, with group 3 and 4 together and group 5 and 6 together. Each time a person from a group missed, the other people from the group took their turn, and this was repeated until our time was up for that game.


The second game was called “FireBall”.

We all lined up in a line, and the coach (Darren) hit the tennis balls at us. Darren would either say “Jump” or “Duck”. And we had to either jump over the ball or duck under it. It was really fun, even though it was hard to dodge them.

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Basketball Challenge

During Active Schools Week, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes all did a basketball challenge in the yard. All the classes split up into 2 groups and the aim of the game was to score the most baskets in ten minutes. Mr. O’ Connor’s 6th class won. They scored 70 baskets!




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Dancing In The Yard

All classes went out to the yard to dance to songs like: Safe Cross Code, Step It Up, Cha Cha Slide, YMCA, Macarena. We learned these dances a few months ago and it was good to practice them again. Even the teachers joined in!

IMG_0311      IMG_0312

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Ms. Cosgrave treated some of the classes to fifteen minutes each of yoga, it was a very enjoyable session. She showed children different yoga positions which they tried for themselves. These positions included ‘The Tree’, ‘The Cat’ and ‘The Plank’. This was very relaxing and everybody wanted to go to bed afterwards. Have  a glimpse at what we did!IMG_0463


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Skipathon Active Schools Week 19/4/15 to 24/4/15: We were doing a Skipathon for younger classes. We had to spin the rope for the younger kids and we also did  it ourselves. It was very fun and it was about one hour long.


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Brian’s Fitness Classes

During Active Schools Week, Brian Mc Grogan came in on Wednesday to work with the younger classes. They had lots of fun running, jumping and stretching. Look at the pictures below…

IMG_0288 IMG_0290IMG_0282

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On Tuesday, a Zumba dance instructor came to the school. Third and Fourth class went to the hall and they learned lots of new dance moves. Everyone really enjoyed this.IMG_0425


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New Aquaponics system

Today we got a new Aquaponics system for the school. It is very large and has 3 different chambers which are all connected. We have lots of fish including some from China and Australia. The system was funded by the Parents Council and students and staff will look after the tank by monitoring the pH and iron levels. We will hopefully be able to use some of the plants and vegetables in our cookery classes in the coming months. Keep an eye on our blog to see how the Aquaponics system is going!

IMG_2170 IMG_2165 IMG_2142


School Yard

Third class to sixth class play in this yard at break time.IMG_2131

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School Gardens

Our school garden was refurbished last year in 2014. There are lots of different plants and flowers in it. Some of them are blooming at the moment and they look lovely. There are a couple of birdhouses. There are pebbles. In the older part of the garden there are benches for sitting on.


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School Flags

Our school has a lovely green area out front where our school flags are on display. In the centre of the display we have the Irish Flag then to the left we have the European Flag and to the right we have the ‘Green Flag’. We are very proud of our school flags.

Sallins Flags

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The girls under 13 Camogie team beat a good Nurney side. It was a tight match but they narrowly won by three points. We are very proud of the team and hopefully they can win many more matches in the future. Ole Ole Ole Ole! (:

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