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on April 28, 2015


We got to play tennis on Thursday. The Tennis coach’s name was Darren. We played lots of fun games. We started off by doing a warm up game, where each class was divided up into 6 groups of 5. Group 1 and 2 took turns hitting the ball at each other. Groups 3-6 repeated the same, with group 3 and 4 together and group 5 and 6 together. Each time a person from a group missed, the other people from the group took their turn, and this was repeated until our time was up for that game.


The second game was called “FireBall”.

We all lined up in a line, and the coach (Darren) hit the tennis balls at us. Darren would either say “Jump” or “Duck”. And we had to either jump over the ball or duck under it. It was really fun, even though it was hard to dodge them.

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