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Gardening Club Summer Buffet: Grow to Eat

Gardening Club End of Year Harvest and Buffet. It was a great thrill for all the garden club members to harvest the crops sown during the two terms.

We celebrated the harvest with a buffet feast of potato salad, green salad with radish, herb scones and a stir fry of bean sprouts, mangetout, beans, peas, cabbage and spring onions fresh from the garden.

Have a lovely summer. Keep growing.

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Junior Infants: Rooms: 1,2 & 3: Tour: Stonebrook Farm

The three Junior Infants Clases went on tour together to the farm!

We had a wonderful day at STONEBROOK FARM!

"Stonebrook Pet Farm in Kildare" Click on the link below to visit the Stonebook Farm Website and learn more about the farm.

ALSO! Look at our gallery below

Look at us!

We are having fun on the farm!

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3rd Class run/walk a mile! Get Active! Get Fit

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Active Schools Playball with Henry 2nd class Room 25

We all had a great time with Henry this morning in the sunshine.

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Herb Harvest! 3rd Class Summer Salad on a Friday afternoon!


The sun is shining, We have a week off school next week. Let’s visit the school garden, the ‘Aquaponics Tank’ and the Sprouting Seeds Corner, to see what we can harvest before the mid-term break! We will take some herbs home and we will make a salad with the rest!

We gathered:

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme…

Verbena, Chives, Fennel and Dill….

Celery leaf, Lettuce, Pak Choi and Peas…

Strawberries, mint, mung beans and leaves…..

Once back in Room 18, we washed, chopped, crushed, mixed and prepared our salad, salad dressing and bread. A simple meal to share before heading off on holidays. Have a great break FRIENDS!



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The Garden Club: Cooking, Weeding, Scarecrows!

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