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Rm 25 Discovering the Banana Piano

As part of Science Week, we set up a Banana Piano in the classroom. We tested the Banana Piano to see how it worked. We found out the Banana Piano works by creating a circuit. We had lots of fun. We recorded a little tune for you. We hope you enjoy it.

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Sallins School lives well with Covid19!

Room 13 have created a video about how life has changed in school as we live with and adapt to the important changes that keep us safe in Covid19 times.

We hope you enjoy our mini-television show.
Please let us know how you are getting on!

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2nd Class Rm 25 – Haunted Houses

We made Haunted Houses for Halloween. The haunted houses are all different. They look very creepy and spooky.

They were very difficult to make. We worked very hard and used our team work to do our best. We really enjoyed making them.

How we made them:
• First, in our groups, we discussed and sketched our plans.
• Next we brought in bottles, cardboard and other recycling materials.
• Then we built the haunted houses using the materials.
• After that, we painted the haunted houses.
• Finally we displayed them in the small hall for everyone to see.

Here is a video of the process. We hope you like them.

Happy Halloween

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