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6th Class Trip to the Bog of Allen

On Thursday the 19th of October 2023 the 6th   classes went to the Bog of Allen Nature Centre in Lullymore.


As part of the trip we learned about:

  • Peatland formation and its uses
  • Peatlands as a habitat for flora and fauna


We experienced pond dipping which was a lot of fun. We discovered lots of invertebrates such as water beetles, pond snails, newts, greater water boatmen, water crickets and dragonfly nymphs.

We learned about the archaeology of peatlands and made our very own bog in a bottle to demonstrate the formation of bogs in Ireland.

We went for a walk to the bog which we learned was a raised bog. We learned about all the different types of species of plants and moss.


It was a great day and we had lots of fun.


By Alex Crumlish Caron and Evan Mooney, 6th Class.



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Cross Country Competition

We went to Celbridge Athletics Club on Thursday the 12th of October for our first cross country competition of the new school year.

There were two races for pupils in 5th and 6th class with the boys and girls races both totalling 1500 metres.

Leah Angland and Eibhlín Humphreys came in 1st and 2nd individually helping the girls team come first overall.

Noah O’Brien came 3rd individually and the boys team came second overall.

We were delighted with our results and had a great day!

Thank you to our coaches Derek Mc Connon, Ms. Stapleton and Ms. Shortall for all their help and guidance.


By Ross Flanagan and Noah Kinahan, 6th Class.


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