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Elizabeth Dempsey History Project

Senior Infants wrote letters to Elizabeth Dempsey. She lives in Sandymount, Co. Dublin. She is 105 years old! She has been awarded special medals from President Michael. D. Higgins and President Mary McAleese for reaching such an amazing age!  Lizzie was in Senior Infants during the 1916 Rising.

20160306_121705[1] (1)

We thought it would be a good idea to interview Elizabeth. The Senior infants wrote letters to Elizabeth to ask her about her life in school and her life during 1916.

   20160316_094645  20160316_09463220160316_09460120160316_094611

We recorded the interview. Then, we were able to listen to interview in our classrooms! We drew pictures of her and made wonderful projects about Elizabeth’s life!


Elizabeth taught us a lot about life 100 years ago. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth teaching us so much!

Our Project

Our Project Display


Proclamation Day: 15th March 2016

We gathered at noon 15th March 2016.... to remember Easter 1916

We gathered at noon 15th March 2016…. to remember Easter 1916


To view the slide shows of today’s historical occasion visit our website:    HOME PAGE  and 1916 COMMEMORATION 

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Engineer in the Classroom

IMG_8892 IMG_8952

During Engineers’ Week in March, an engineer visited third class in room 26. The students were given a challenge to build a bridge over a “ravine” (2 chairs) that would support a toy car.

Each group was given:

  • String
  • Drinking straws
  • Paper cups
  • Blu-tac
  • Elastic bands
  • A metre stick for measuring
  • A toy car for testing

Given 20 minutes to plan, sketch and build the bridge.

The group that got the furthest and who worked best as a team was deemed the winner.





St. Patrick’s Day Cookies!


Our Monday Cooking Group prepares for St. Patrick’s Day. 

  • To make about 10 Shamrock Cookies:75 g    Butter or Soft Margarine
    25 g    Icing Sugar
    115 g   Plain Flour: We used Gluten Free Flour
    A teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

Heat the oven to 180*C, 350*F, gas mark 4.
The ingredients mix easily together to make cookie dough.
Roll out the dough, cut shamrock shaped cookies, bake them for 10 minutes!

While the  cookies were in the oven we folded green card to make boxes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


To see more …. visit our school website, where we have lots of slide shows of our favourite recipes and celebrations: click HERE




An Cheolchoirm: Scoil Naomh Lorcán & Alexandra College Dublin

Click HERE to visit our school website



Celebrating Ireland In Junior & Senior Infants!

Alive, Alive O!

We all went to the big hall.

We sang our songs and said our poems.

As Gaeilge freisin!

Bhí an-sport againn!

Féach ar na pictiuir! 🎶


To read and see more about our 1916-2016 celebrations visit our school website! Click HERE





Seachtain na Gaeilge Today; It was GREAT!!!

Today, March 9, we did a Seachtain na Gaeilge  event from 1:oo to about 2:30. The band and the audience, and,  of course, Alexandra College were great! I was there playing the keyboard in the band and I thought everybody played and sang Greatly, with a capital G!!! My personal favourite instrument was the harp.  What was yours (if you were there)? Unfortunately, the concert didn’t last  until 3:00 🙁 . However, the concert itself was great. I can’t wait to update you with more info from school!

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The 1916 Rising remembered in Drama

Today we went to the hall and saw a play about 1916. There were two people in our class in the play. The drama was about a young boy called Jimmy Conway who witnessed the 1916 rebellion as it happened. The drama showed  Easter Monday 1916 when the rebellion took place. The actors were great and we felt we were part of it. The narrators were very good too. We learned a lot of facts about The Rising and we enjoyed the drama.

Thank you for reading! We will be back with more information and pictures about the 1916 celebrations in Sallins National School.


Chloe and Charley.

When will Ireland be free?

When will Ireland be free?

We are taking a stand!

We are taking a stand!

Proud to be Irish

Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder

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Celebrating 1916 on 10/3/2016

Today, Thursday the 10th of March 2016, our  school  celebrated the 1916  Rising. There were good dramas done by pupils from 2nd to 6th class and the actors were really good. They put  great plays.  One drama told a story of the rising and we felt involved. We are going to do the dramas again tomorrow! Thank you for reading goodbye.



"The Guns of Easter"

“The Guns of Easter”

Telling it as it was!

Telling it as it was!

Job well done!

Job well done!


Our Green School’s Committee


IMG_8841 IMG_8836IMG_8846

IMG_9078 IMG_9110IMG_9096IMG_8839


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Green Action Day


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Our famine projects

Hi we are from Mr Kennedy’s  Fifth class room 16. For the past few weeks we have been working on famine projects. There were four people in one group. In my group one person would do one or two topics.We all got details off of the internet about the famine and displayed it on our projects.

We got lots of details on the Famine.

Look at a few of the pictures.

IMG_8862 IMG_8861 IMG_8860

IMG_8859 IMG_8858 IMG_8857

IMG_8856 IMG_8855IMG_8854

IMG_8853 IMG_8850 IMG_8849

We learned a lot and we enjoyed doing our projects.


Easter Holidays 2016

On Wednesday next week we are going to be getting are Easter holidays. I really hope you all have a great holiday and you do nice things over the holiday and hope the Easter bunny comes to your house. We will also have a raffle to win Easter eggs on Wednesday 🙂



Finished 1916 Easter Rising Art

As you know the children in Mr McDonnell’s 5th class have been doing 1916 Easter Rising art. In the past few weeks we have made our frames and drawn  or painted our pictures. The pictures and the frames look very good. We have had a great time making the frames and drawing or painting the pictures. We are going to hang them in the hall for Seachtain na Gaeilge. After we are probably going to hang them in the libary.

IMG_9121         IMG_9120           IMG_9119

IMG_9118 IMG_9117  IMG_9112IMG_9116  IMG_9115IMG_9114IMG_9113

IMG_9111   These are some of the pictures we did. We really enjoyed doing these pictures. We think they are really good.


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Easter Raffle 2016

On Wednesday the 16th of March we will be getting our Easter holidays but before we go we get to have an Easter raffle We get to bring in eggs and buy tickets and if the number is called then you get pick an egg and take and eat it. We hope you have a good holiday. We will see you again on the 4th of April.

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Easter Raffle

Next week on Wednesday, is a half day and that is when the Easter Raffle is on! Each student would have a ticket and when their number on their ticket is called out they go up and receive their egg of their own choice. Each student will at least get one egg each. Student could buy more tickets if they want and bring in an egg. We will be off for the next two weeks as it is the mid-term. We will back at school on the fourth of April. We are looking forward to the mid-term as we get a long break off and have fun with our friends!

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Low Energy Day,No Energy Hour


Today,we had Green Action Day which lasted from 11:15 to 12:15 which lasted an hour.We save energy by:

  • Turning off all electricity
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Don’t crumble paper when throwing it in the bin

And there are whole lot more ways to save energy!

IMG_9098   IMG_9091


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Today, March 8, was Green Action Day, where we have had one WHOLE HOUR without electricity. HOW DID WE LIVE!?! Anyway,  we had a No Energy Hour which lasted from 11:15 to 12:15. On Monday (yesterday), the Green Schools Committee gave out “GREEN ACTION DAY!” posters which were very,very green ! We hung them up around the school to remind us to save energy! During the day, most 5th classes did the Energy Quiz. I personnelly found it quite hard! I’m interested in learning more about saving energy and the planet!


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The Famine Project


Mr Kennedy’s 5th class have done some projects on The Famine. We were divided into groups of 4. We started writing and researching in school.  We did some more work on them at home. We could write about the causes of The Famine, Workhouses, The Effect of the famine, and we could print or draw pictures. When we were ready  we glued our pictures and our  writing onto chart paper. When we were finished we did a presentation. It went really well.

Look at some of the pictures that I took.

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1916 Easter Rising Drama

Hello readers! In this blog I’ll be talking about the 1916 Easter Rising Drama taking place on Thursday 10/03/16.

I haven’t seen anything of it yet but I’m really looking forward to it.

The drama is about the rebellion of 1916.

That’s all I know about it, so I hope we all enjoy the drama.

See you in the next blog! I ‘ll let you know how it goes!


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Low energy day, No energy hour!

Today, we had Green Action Day. We had to lower our  energy by:

  • Using a whiteboard instead of the interactive whiteboard.
  • Use one tissue when cleaning your hands.
  • Close all the windows to save energy.
  • Never crumple paper when throwing it in the paper bin.
  • Turn off computers and interactive whiteboard if not using.

Green Action Day lasted all day. We had a no Energy hour from 11.15-12.15.  The Green School’s committee went to all classes to talk about saving energy. Most classes did the Energy quiz on the SEAI website. It was good. Some 6th class girls and boys went to 4th class talk about insulation. The 6th class had done investigations for the Miniscientists competition last November. They showed them examples of different types of insulation.IMG_9084IMG_9078IMG_9102IMG_9110


Show how much we care, save energy everywhere!

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Easter Raffle

The Easter raffle is coming. From today until next Wednesday morning you can buy tickets for 1 euro or seven tickets for five euros. You can also bring in Easter eggs for the raffle as well. Do not worry! if you’re in, you can win!

Most  people will get an Easter egg and some people will get two if they have a number of tickets. The Easter holidays start from the 16th of March to the 4th of April. There is also a half day next Wednesday! I’m really looking forward to the holidays!

Don't forget to buy your ticket!

Don’t forget to buy your ticket!


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The 1916 Easter Rising

We are learning about the 1916 Easter Rising. It happened 100 years ago. A lot of people were very poor at this time. In Dublin three or four families often had to live in large houses. In Dublin in 1913 two people, James Connolly and Jim Larkin, began fighting for better wages for workers. People began to get angry and they locked people out of their jobs. Women began fighting because they could not vote. So lots of people were unhappy about lots of different things and all of these things and more led to the Rising being planned.

During Easter Week the main places, in Dublin, that were important were, The GPO, St Stephen Green, the Four Courts and Boland’s Mill.

IMG_9116Padraig Pearse read the Proclamation on the top of the GPO. It said everyone is equal. When Padraig Pearse saw a family get shot even when they had waved a white flag he decided to surrender. He sent out Elizabeth O Farrell to meet General Lowe to surrender. This was the official surrender of the Easter Rising.






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Green action day

Today  was green action day. We all saved energy for the day. We all had to close doors/windows and turn off the interactive boards. My class did a Quiz on saving energy. During the No Energy Hour we turned off all the things that use electricity! We will get feedback from The Green Schools Committee about how much we saved!

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Ms Carroll’s 5th are Doing GREAT in the New Operation Transformation Dance!

Fair enough, we’ve only learned the first two parts of the dance but if you look at the photos you can clearly tell that we really are doing very well!


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6th class photos

Today on the 1/3/16 the three 6th classes had their class photos taken by the photographer. This is where they bring in something that tells us something about their personal interests. Some of the hobbies included football, horse riding, art, hockey and lots, lots more.  The 6th classes have a really good time while getting these pictures taken. When they leave these photographs will be hung on the 6th class corridor to remind us of them all.

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1916 Rising Art

The students of Mr McDonnell’s fifth class are doing an art project on the 1916 Easter Rising. We are using recycled cardboard.  This cardboard was given to us by Tesco who had used it to advertise their clothes.  We are now using it to make frames for our artwork. The artwork has to be based on a story, picture or poem relating to the 1916 Rising.  We made these frames from cardboard, newspaper, tissue and glue. We will paint the frames and put our drawings of different scenes, people or events of The 1916 Rising into them.  So far we have made our frames using  the cardboard and papier maché. We are enjoying it so far.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready


The Painted Frame


Our Window Display

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