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Low energy day, No energy hour!

on March 8, 2016

Today, we had Green Action Day. We had to lower our  energy by:

  • Using a whiteboard instead of the interactive whiteboard.
  • Use one tissue when cleaning your hands.
  • Close all the windows to save energy.
  • Never crumple paper when throwing it in the paper bin.
  • Turn off computers and interactive whiteboard if not using.

Green Action Day lasted all day. We had a no Energy hour from 11.15-12.15. ¬†The Green School’s committee went to all classes to talk about saving energy. Most classes did the Energy quiz on the SEAI website. It was good. Some 6th class girls and boys went to 4th class talk about insulation. The 6th class had done investigations for the Miniscientists competition last November. They showed them examples of different types of insulation.IMG_9084IMG_9078IMG_9102IMG_9110


Show how much we care, save energy everywhere!

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