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1916 Rising Art

on March 1, 2016

The students of Mr McDonnell’s fifth class are doing an art project on the 1916 Easter Rising. We are using recycled cardboard.  This cardboard was given to us by Tesco who had used it to advertise their clothes.  We are now using it to make frames for our artwork. The artwork has to be based on a story, picture or poem relating to the 1916 Rising.  We made these frames from cardboard, newspaper, tissue and glue. We will paint the frames and put our drawings of different scenes, people or events of The 1916 Rising into them.  So far we have made our frames using  the cardboard and papier maché. We are enjoying it so far.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready


The Painted Frame


Our Window Display

One Response to “1916 Rising Art”

  1. Ms. O'Neill says:

    Super art work… well done to everybody in Mr. McDonnell’s class!

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