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Junior Infant Classes on Tour to STONEBROOK FARM

on June 19, 2016

Room 1: Ms Amond’s Junior Infant Class.


Room 2: Ms Moreau’s Junior Infant Class.


Room 3: Ms Cosgrave’s Junior Infant Class.


On Friday we went to Stone Brook Farm.

We had a great time.

We saw lots of animals.

Here is our photo gallery of the day:

To learn more about Stonebrook Farm in Co. Kildare, visit their website:

Click on the link:


2 Responses to “Junior Infant Classes on Tour to STONEBROOK FARM”

  1. sallinsns says:

    We can see that you all had a great day at the farm!

    Room 21
    Mr O’Connor’s 6th Class

  2. Ms Í Kelly says:

    It looks like everyone was busy and happy on the farm.

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