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Making Magical Creatures For Bloom!!!!!

on June 19, 2016

Hi Its, Amber, Grace, Luke, Orla and Sufti here!

Last week made Magical Creatures for Bloom! We were asked to make magic creatures to put up in a  Bloom garden .

We had a lot of fun making all sorts of creatures!We made gnomes, fairies, frogs , toadstools etc.

They were out in a garden in Bloom hanging on trees and stuck on walls! We used paint , markers and crayons .

We were overjoyed that Bloom asked us to design enchanted creatures!

Many thanks to Bloom ,

from Amber, Grace, Luke, Orla and Sufti 🙂 🙂 🙂

One Response to “Making Magical Creatures For Bloom!!!!!”

  1. Mrs Macnamnara says:

    Well done, Amber, Grace, Luke Orla and Sufti!
    I was looking at the fabulous photo collection of the school visit to Bloom. Your designs looked great on display in the Bloom Garden and we are very proud of you all!

    Mrs Macnamara

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