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Mrs Moreau’s Junior Infants in the Garden

on June 3, 2016


Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! Today Mrs. Moreau’s class went walking in the garden.

We saw living things!


The flowers and trees in the garden are lovely!

Please comment! Tell us what you think!

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4 Responses to “Mrs Moreau’s Junior Infants in the Garden”

  1. Ide Kelly says:

    The garden is looking really well and the junior infants are busy exploring it!

  2. msoneill says:

    Looks like the Junior Infants had a great time exploring in our lovely garden. Hope ye saw some ladybirds!

  3. M Keane says:

    It looks like you all found lots of interesting things in the garden!

  4. Mr. Kennedy says:

    Super photos! Great day to explore the garden, well done Mrs. Moreau’s class.

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