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on February 3, 2017

A big congratulations to Sophie and Isabella! We are all very proud of you girls!

4 Responses to “Congratulations!!”

  1. Annette and Tony Angelosante says:

    Well done Isabella and Sophie; your presentations were excellent and your award is well deserved!

  2. Mrs Macnamara says:

    Congratulations Isabella and Sophie!

    We are delighted to see these pictures!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures in the blog during the event!
    We were looking at them in school and wishing you well.
    Great enticement all around when Mr. Lanigan announced your WIN over the P.A. System this afternoon!

    From Mrs. Macnamara

  3. Ms Kelly says:

    Congratulations Sophie and Isabella on your great win.
    You deserved the ‘Best Communications Award’. You kept the judges and other visitors thoroughly engaged.

  4. sallinsns says:

    Well done girls! You had such a busy day! It was a pleasure to be there with you.

    Mrs Keane

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