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Peace Proms 2017

on February 6, 2017
Congratulations to the choir members who performed in the RDS yesterday as part of the Peace Proms 2017. 

It was a wonderful and very exciting day for all involved.

At the rehearsal

Getting excited before the show

During the show

Performing on stage!

Actions galore





Click here to see us practicing before the show!



Listen to “Heal the World”

The conductor and orchestra

4 Responses to “Peace Proms 2017”

  1. sallinsns says:

    Congratulation Choir & Teachers!
    What a great concert and so lovely to see you there and hear your songs!
    Mrs Mac

  2. L Hennessy says:

    What a fantastic event. Congratulations to our wonderful choir and teachers. We were very proud of you all.

  3. Ms Kelly says:

    You were all brilliant. It was great to see and hear the fruits of your labour. You did yourselves, your parents and your school proud.

  4. sallinsns says:

    Lovely everybody. Well done! All those practices were well worth it! What a great experience for you all.

    Mrs Keane

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