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Chocolate cupcakes! Testing the Oven!

on February 3, 2017

Follow our steps below and make these delicious chocolate chip cup cakes! Success!

Oven: 190 degrees

90 g self raising flour

90 g sugar

90 g butter

2 eggs

vanilla essence

2 heaped teaspoons of Cocoa powder

Chocolate chips!


These didn’t last long!

Let us know how your baking is going! A great way to share time with friends and family!

3 Responses to “Chocolate cupcakes! Testing the Oven!”

  1. Mrs Macnamara says:

    Happy weekend to the chefs!

    Well done today. Your picture guide to baking looks great. I think we will be encouraging lots of baking in the homes Sallins! Maybe even across the planet!

    Mrs Mac

  2. Sean Nelson says:

    Looking forward to trying out the recipe. Great photos 🖒

  3. sallinsns says:

    Hi Guys.
    It’s Ryan in 3rd Class.
    The cupcakes were lovely.

    I am typing this is Room 18 where we bake!

    Have a lovely mid-term break!

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