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Native Americans 6th class

on February 17, 2017

In February 2017 Mr Kennedy’s 6th class did a project on the Native Americans.

We learned about how the Native Americans originally came from Asia. They got to America by a land bridge connecting the two continents. We also learned about the different tribes. There were over 600 different tribes across the continent. Every tribe had its own language. A vital part of their survival depended on the buffalo. They used parts of the buffalo for everything from tepees to food and clothes.

As part of art we made totem poles out of Pringles cans and kitchen rolls. We also used a variety of art supplies. We painted the totem poles and decorated them with crepe paper. We used paint and crepe paper to make animals and different designs on the totem poles. They turned out colourful, bright and realistic.

Overall we learned a lot about Native Americans , how they lived and how they survived in the wild.

By Ciarán Daly and Aoife Kearney 6th class Mr Kennedy

2 Responses to “Native Americans 6th class”

  1. sallinsns says:

    Great work everybody!

  2. Ms Kelly says:

    It’s great that you learned so much about the Native Americans. You’ve created a lovely vibrant display of totem poles. Well done!

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