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Student Council – Bake Sale Fundraiser

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6th class – New All Weather Pitch

The All Weather pitch was finally finished in September after months of planning and months of construction.We were playing in it by October. It was officially opened  by Bishop Denis Nulty during a mass on the pitch. All of us pupils play on it every school day for break time and we all enjoy it. At break time we play soccer and there are hula hoops, shuttlecocks and Badminton rackets. We do P.E  and after school training for soccer, rugby, gaelic and lots more. It’s a great new addition to the school.




Written by Jake, Violet and Ruthann.

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Sweet & Savory: Cooking brightens January in Room 18

Over the past few weeks the Friday Group have been meeting to cook and blog for you some warm snacks to cheer everyone up on the cold winter days.

On Friday last week some of us met to share Hot chocolate and freshly backed brioche.

This week we all met to grill mini Pitta Pizzas from The Book of Children’s Foods: Lorna Rhodes.

This is a step by guide that we followed to make our Pitta Pizzas! They were delicious. We each picked the toppings we liked. Some of us don’t eat meat so we knew to pick the toppings best for us.


Last week some of us were at the Jui-Jitsu while the rest of us met in Room 18. We made hot chocolate and we baked Brioche.

We saved brioche for our friends who were having their turn at the sport. We had our sport turn earlier in the day. Bon Apetite.

Hot Chocolate and Brioche! Warming snack on a cold day!


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Last week we were learning about weight in maths.

We learned to estimate and weigh accurately using different types of scales.

We figured out that…

The size of an item doesn’t determine the weight! It can be big but light or small and heavy!

What type of scales do you think would be best to weight a school bag?

Test it out at home and let us know!

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3rd class, Rm. 28 doing Jiu-Jitsu with Rob & Rob

We really enjoyed doing Jiu-Jitsu with Rob & Rob.

They taught us good self-defence moves.

Thank you, Rob & Rob from 3rd class Rm.28.

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My Favourite Things!

The band met again: Wednesday 23rd January after school.

We have been working on our Trad Pieces the past two weeks……

Now it’s time again for “The Sound Of Music” Songs.

Next Thursday Choir and Band members will attend the musical at the Bórd Gáis Energy Theatre. We are learning some of the songs in band. So far we play:

  • Edelweiss
  • Do – A – Deer
  • My Favoutite Things….

Today was our first time playing My Favourite Things!

We will be listening out for our favourite songs when we go to the theatre…..

Listen to how well we got on today! Our first time seeing the music and playing this together! Well done everyone!



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Jam Tarts & Guess Who…..

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Music/Words: Ceremony of Light & Sacrament of Reconciliation 2020

We invite you to sing along together at home in preparation for the special occasion of the Ceremony of Light. 29th January 2020. We will be singing together on the night.

Opening Song – Gather Round

We gather in body, we gather in mind, In peace and in quiet together to find

God’s Holy Spirit round and about us, Through us, with us and in us.



The Lord is my Light, The lord is my Help, The Lord is my salvation. (X2)

Verse 1

The Lord is my light, My help, my salvation.

Why should I fear, With God I fear no one.

God protects me all my life. With the Lord what should I fear?

Refrain x2

Verse 2

There is one thing I ask of the Lord that I long for, All of my days with God to be dwelling,

Gazing with awe at the beauty of God, And in wonder look on God’s house.

Refrain x2

I know I will live to see the Lord’s goodness, Now, in this life I’m sure I will see it.

Trust in the Lord, be strong and be brave; Wait in hope for God, our salvation.

Refrain x2


Christ Be My Light

Longing for light, we wait in darkness. Longing for truth, we turn to you.

Make us your own, your holy people. Light of the world to see.

Christ be our light!  Shine in our hearts. Shine through the darkness

Christ be our light! Shine in your Church gathered today.


Longing for peace, our world is troubled. Longing for hope, many despair.

Your word alone has power to save us. Make us your living voice.

Christ be our light!  Shine in our hearts. Shine through the darkness

Christ be our light! Shine in your Church gathered today.


Moving On Up!

I was blind, But now I see! You made a believer,Out of me!

Said I was blind, But now I see! You made a believer, Out of me!

And I’m moving on up now, Out of the darkness!

My light shines on, My light shines on, My light shines on!

Verse 2

I was lost, But now I’m found! I believe in you, Ain’t got no bounds!

Said I was lost, But now I’m found! I believe in you, Ain’t got no bounds!

And I’m moving on up now, Out of the darkness!

My light shines on, My light shines on, My light shines on!

Yes I’m moving on up now, Out of the darkness!

My light shines on, My light shines on, My light shines on!


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The Mountains of Pomeroy: The Band is Marching…

The Mountains of Pomeroy:


Everyone playing together.

This is our new piece WEDNESDAY 15th January.

Well done everyone!

We can practice at home!

See you next week: Trad Pieces and A new piece from The Sound of Music!


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Today after school The Band met and started preparations for this term’s events. Mr. Kelly had 2 new POLKAS ready for us to learn. Some players who also play in Trad Groups know these pieces and helped us all!

A POLKA can be very fast! So… today we decided:


We recorded our slow polkas so we can all practice at home. ENJOY!

POLKA 1: Sweeney’s Polka


Polka 2: The Kerry Polka

See you all again next Wednesday!



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3rd and 4th Class Christmas Art

Ms.Molyneaux’s 3rd Class’ Art can be seen in a recent post.

Blogged by Craig, Rm.28.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Tree Cookies in Room 18

Today we decorated Christmas Tree Cookies for our families.

First we each counted the people in our family with cubes. Then we traded each cube for a cookie! Like shopping!

Some of us had less cookies than others so we decided to have a fair share ……. like in DIVISION. We are learning about division in Maths. It’s all about fair sharing….. sometimes there might be cookies left over!

So we looked at who had the MOST cookies and we all matched this number.

Now each of us has 6 cookies!

We saved 6 cookies for one of our friends who was not at school today.


Once we each had 6 cookies we melted the chocolate “Bain Marie” (in a bowl over hot water). Next we spread the melted chocolate on the cookies and decorated them with sprinkles. We prepared boxes and gift tags!


from Room 18

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Rm.28, Our Christmas Art

Christmas has arrived in Rm.28!

Blogged by Craig, Rm.28.


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3rd Class Gaeilge Reading, by Rm.28

Léigh le chéile sa bhaile.

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Rm.28: Our Symmetry Art

Photography and Blog by Craig Rm.28

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Our Science Experiments: Room 28. Reversible & Irreversible Changes

Subject: Science

Topic: Materials

We classified materials and experimented to see what changes take place.

We used:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Salt


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BAND: Éamonn an Chnoic: We can practice this slow air at home with YOUTUBE!

Click on the video and you can practice our slow air for the concert.

Remember … it is SLOW 🙂

See you all next week!

Our practice pieces are:

  • Slow Air
  • Edelweiss
  • Do a Deer
  • Silver Bells
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Gaeilge reading, W/C 2nd December ’19, 3rd Class

This week’s reading is brought to you by Rm. 28. This piece was read by Harry, Amelia and Oran.

Cabhraíonn sé go mór leis an léitheoireacht. Bainigí úsáid as!


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Tasty Tagliatelle… NOT from the shop!…Homemade in Room 18

Welcome to our blog this week.

Today we met to prepare fresh pasta and to play UNO.

See how we got on.

To make the dough you need: 3 eggs, 2 cups of plain flour, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of cooking oil. Mrs Macnamara made the dough earlier and showed us the photos!


We flattened and stretched the dough by turning it through the roller machine. Then we attached the cutting rollers and rolled it through again and it came out in thin strips. It was fun to do!


Mrs. Clancy helped us cook the fresh pasta. While it was cooking we played a game of UNO. It’s a great card game. We have to get rid of our cards and say UNO when we have just one card left. Pádraig was first get rid of all his cards! 🙂 When play stops the rest of us add up our card numbers! Maths is everywhere! It is in the cooking and the card games!


Serve with cheese and tomato sauce and eat with friends! Bon appetite!

Room 18





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Rm. 28, Procedural Writing

Here are some examples of our procedural writing pieces ‘Making Rice Crispie Buns.’

We composed these with our partners but the next ones you will see, we will have written them independently.

We hope you like them!


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Room 28 Science: Our Natural 3D Happy Habitats!

We made brilliant projects.

We hope you enjoy them!

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Real Life Arrays in Maths! 4th Class Room 29

Arrays are ways of helping you to count visually, in particular, for multiplication: repeated addition.


Comhrá le Chéile: Rang a Trí. Seomraí: 26, 27 & 28


Léitheoireacht i Rang a Trí

Léamh le chéile sa bhaile.


The Friday Group makes Fruit Smoothies! Try these at home! Delicious!

We followed the recipe in LET’S COOK!

ISBN 978-1-4075-0482-7

For the Berry Smoothie we need:

  • 1 banana
  • Fresh raspberries and strawberries
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Milk

For the Yoghurt Smoothie we need:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 pear
  • Apple juice
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Runny honey

We started by chopping the fruits.

Next, we prepared two jugs: one with milk and vanilla and the other with yoghurt, apple juice and runny honey. Then we put the fruits into the two jugs. We took turns doing the jobs.

With the help of the adults we set up the BLENDER. It was really loud and we watched all the ingredients whiz and swirl together.


We tasted both smoothies. The milk smoothie was very smooth…. and the yoghurt smoohtie was really tangy!

We all picked our favourite. Then some of us mixed them together!

It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy smoothies with friends! Friday was a really wet day! We had all been out to the new all weather pitch in the rain! Bishop Denis blessed and opened the pitch.

Cheers! We are celebrating in Room 18!

Try these yummie smoothies at home.


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The BAND! New Beginnings……..

Hello to all our BAND members!

We have started practicing again and we have lots of new members. We are all learning together and have started 3 new pieces:

  • Éamonn an Chnoic – Ned of the Hill (A Slow Air)
  • Do a Deer….. From: The Sound of Music
  • Edelweiss: Also from The Sound of Music

We have just started! Listen to how we are doing and when we have more practices we will record again!

Thank you for Listening…..

Éamonn an Chnoic


Do a Deer!


Edelweiss (we have learned part of this piece)

We’ll be back soon…….


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FRENCH TOAST is Friendship Toast

Today we gathered all the ingredients and things we need to make FRENCH TOAST. We decided to call it “Friendship Toast”. You can visit this website and you can follow our picture collages of how we worked together to make Friendship Toast! Try it at home. It’s YUM!

We needed:

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 cap fulls of vanilla extract
  • A small jug of milk
  • Slices of bread
  • Butter for frying

STEP 1: Mix the eggs, vanilla and milk….

STEP 2: Cut the bread shapes and dip soak them in the egg mixture.

STEP 3; Fry and serve! Bon Appetite!

For serving we had:

  • Jam
  • Honey
  • Powder Sugar


Please comment on our recipe!

See you next time

3rd Class: Room 18



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Monopoly and Popcorn

Friday 8th November 2019

Today our Make and Do Together group learned the game rules for PARTY Monopoly.

While learning and playing, we also popped POPCORN from kernels .

The old fashioned way.


It was fun to see the popcorn pop through the glass lid!

Party Monopoly is fun for all. Try out these activities at home!

Send us your comments!

3rd Class in Room 18.

Look through our photo gallery to see how we worked and played together…….



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Meeting to Bake Cookies and Score Low at UNO!

The Friday group met again to play UNO… our rules!

Today we baked some butter cookies while we played and are taking them home!

We did a taste test of course!Yum!

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3rd & 4th Class Corridor Art: A Riot of Colour!

Walk along the 3rd and 4th class corridor and view the wonderful art work. 

Visit the GALLERY below to see some of our September/October Art Displays.

Send us your comments….

Enjoy our work….

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Cross Country 2019

On the 6th of September 2019 the cross country trials took place at the Sallins GAA pitch. The top 10 girls and top 10 boys were chosen to go to the race in Celbridge AC track. The race took place on the 27th of September. The girls’ race was 1km, and overall the team came in 3rd place. The boys’ race was next, and overall the team came 2nd. They ran 1.5km. We were all very proud of our performance on the day. We would like to thank Mr. Kelly, Ms. Stapleton, Ms. Dunning and Derek for helping us train for the race and on the day.

Written by Kate, Cillian, Cormac, Darragh and Aniela (6th class)

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Here we are singing “Shotgun” today in class.  See if you think we did a good job!



Garden Club: From Seed to Spoon Buffet

The Garden Club:The Garden Club met this week to celebrate our work and taste the foods we are growing


  • Our Home Grown Potato Salad
  • Leafy Green Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Leek, Potato and Spring Onion Soup
  • Strawberries and Ice Cream.

There are cabbages, kale and peas growing in the garden as well as the foods we cooked today.

We had a lovely afternoon………..


Come and join us next year……



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Time Flies By……… and Wise Men Say……


We are learning some more pieces for BAND

We are getting there! We’ll practice altogether next week!

Here’s how we are managing ….

Click on the link to hear us play:


Also we can listen to George Ezra to help us with the pace for this piece….

We started “I Can’t Help Falling in Love…….

The Celtic Folk Rock Band version can help us with this one!

Wise Me Say…..

We are practicing for a final end of year performance!



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Summer Holidays

We have been busy here in Junior Infants making a mini movie based on our Aistear theme for this term – “the airport and going on holidays”.

We made the puppets who star in the movie and we used green screen technology to put our mini movie together.

Click on the “Going on holidays” link below. We hope you enjoy the show!

Happy Holidays!

Going on holidays


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NINJA STRESS BALLS! Third Class: Room 28


We have been working really hard over the last weeks.

So…. today we made NINJA STRESS BALLS to help us relax.

We followed the instructions in the video…… but we used rice instead of flour!

Much less mess!

Try make some NINJA STRESS BALLS at home!

We had fun!

Third Class Room 28


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We Remember……. In the Garden

This evening we gathered in the School Garden to remember our  friends  and family who are missed in Sallins National School.

They are forever in the Garden…..

We will never forget.


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Farming The BIG GROW Cress and Mustard in Room 28

We grew cress and mustard in our classroom.

Today we harvested and sampled our project food!

It was delicious!

We can grow herbs at home on the kitchen windowsill


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Today we played Monopoly Party. Following game instructions! Taking turns! Spending time with friends. Learning and having fun together.

Here are some moments from our game!

These are the rules!

Here is how our game looked when the time was up! We all did well and it was fun.

It would be fun to play with the family too.

Happy Holiday weekend everyone.

Friday Maths and Skills Group


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MAY DAY! In the Garden with The Garden Club!

Today is May Day. It is summertime in the garden.

The Garden Club met in the School Garden after school and got some great planting, weeding, drawing  and painting done! Very relaxing in the sunshine too!

View our GALLERY of today’s activities. We all had a lovely time. The garden is looking wonderful too!


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The Innocent BIG GROW in Room 28

Today we went to the garden to plant our pea seeds. We are taking part in the INNOCENT BIG GROW project.

Here we are in the garden classroom. We followed the  instructions on the seed packet. We used compost made by the Wormery worms in our school garden. Our seeds will germinate in the polly tunnel over the Easter Holidays!

We look forward to recording their growth!


Seachtain na Gaeilge

Last month we had Seachtain na Gaeilge.
It took place from the 1st to the 17th of March.
Each lunch break one class performed on the intercom speaking as Gaeilge (an blurb).
On the 13th of March Alexandra College pupils visited our school and we exchanged traditional Irish music.
Mr Kennedy’s class went down to Mr O’Connor’s class for a coircal comhrá.
Classes also practiced Irish dancing and on the 15th of March the whole school went to the big yard agus bhí céilí mór againn. Bhí go leor spraoi againn.


By Danny, Mark and Dominik.

Our school band performing for Alexandra College.

Alexandra College performing for us.


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6th Class Maths – Ratio (22.03.19)

This week Mr. Kennedy’s 6th class focused on  a topic called “Ratio” in maths.
In maths Ratio is a way of showing the similarities between quantities of something. We learned how to simplify a Ratio by dividing both parts by the same number. We were given baskets of different items such as lollipop sticks, cubes, counters and cards.
E.G. The ratio of apples: oranges is 4:6.
Divide both numbers by 2.


/               \

÷2                 ÷2
\               /

By: Róisín.M, Séarlait.O’C, Kalvin.C and Jessica.K.










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Baby Lambs Visit the School

The Junior Infants and Senior Infants were delighted this week to see four baby lambs and their two mother ewes come to visit them in the school yard.

Farmer Brian was very impressed with how good the children were and how gentle they were with the animals. He let them pet the baby lambs too, who were only three days old.

Great excitement was had by all!

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The Garden Club @ Sallins NS!

In March and April we are planting out our , vegetable seedlings, potatoes, sunflower seeds and caring for and watering the new plants. There is so much work to be done and we are very busy on Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 4 pm.

Planting in March


Kevin helped us plant a SUNFLOWER THEATER!


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6th Class Novel – The London Eye Mystery

Last term Mr Kennedy’s 6th class read the novel ‘The London Eye Mystery’. This book is about the search for a thirteen year old boy who went missing on the London Eye. His two cousins Ted and Kat work hard to find him. We thought that it was very enjoyable and interesting and we recommend it.

By Aoife, Lauryn, Aaron and Leon.





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