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Happy Halloween from Room 3

on October 23, 2020

4 Responses to “Happy Halloween from Room 3”

  1. Rionagh Macnanara says:

    An awesome 😎 day 🎃
    Happy a Halloween 👻 to you all from
    Cruella and the Dalmatian puppies!

    Mrs MAC. 😃

  2. Marie Synnott says:

    Lovely pictures, they all looked brilliant.
    Thank you

    • Ms. Fitzpatrick says:

      You’re so welcome!
      The boys and girls looked fantastic today all dressed up and we had such fun on our Halloween walk. I got some great pictures of them which I was eager to share, as I knew their families would appreciate. Have a lovely mid-term everyone 🎃
      Ms. Fitzpatrick

  3. Henry Olanga says:

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