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Student Council News! BAKE-SALE 31st May 2022

on May 17, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for the BAKE-SALE?


It will be a great day for us and we hope… for you as well!

The bake-sale is on:

TUESDAY: 31st May 2022

Thank you to all the families that have signed up to bake!

We ask you to let your children bring in the baked goods to their class on 31st May and a Council member will collect them..

On the BAKE-SALE day the children are allowed to bring money to school. The cakes will not be expensive. The children will be able to enjoy the cakes at lunch time or save them for later!

We will set everything up in the hall. and the children will visit the hall class by class to buy cakes.

We hope everyone will enjoy this fabulous event!

BLOG by DAVID (Deputy Chairperson)


The Student Council

Why not CLICK on this link below to revisit The Student Council’s last BAKE-SALE: February 2020 just before the Pandemic! We raised a lot of money for school projects! Read all about it….. 🙂

It’s great to be BACK!

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