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Walk & Talk ART: We review the Art Displays digitally… so that you can VIEW TOO!

Take a look around the school with us today…

See the beautiful Art Work on display…


Thanks to our photographers!

Lily, Ross & Kate

Room 21

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6th Class Room 20: Celebrating Easter with White Clay Medallions! Decorative and Imaginative!

Click on the video link below to view our Easter Medallion Art:

Clay Medallions 6th Class Room 20 – YouTube


Follow the recipe posted by our friends in Room 21 if you like to try making models at home.

You will need adult help to cook the clay. Always be careful!

We modelled the medallions using this quick drying pre-cooked white clay!

Once it dried (A few days on a warm windowsill) painting/colouring is easy!

Let us know what you think!


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HOLES by LOUIS SACHAR: BOOK REVIEWS from 6th Class Room 22

Recently as  a class group, we read the novel

‘HOLES’ by Louis Sachar

CLICK on the video below to read our reviews.

Pause at any time to read in more detail!

Let us know what you think!


Have you read the BOOK?

You can also check out the MOVIE

We did!


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