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A New Green Flag

Today we received great news that we are to be awarded our Energy flag. Congratulations and well done to everyone for all your efforts.

We were led of course by a great Green Schools’ Committee!! What a great team! They have been very active, encouraging everybody to save energy and were a brilliant example to the whole school! They put in such a lot of hard work and had great ideas for everybody.

A big THANK YOU from all of us!

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New Part Of School Garden

The children of the ICT Club went for a walk in the new part of the school garden. There have been a lot of changes in the garden. In the garden there are sensory beds with plants  that appeal to the five senses, sight:lots of colourful flowers will grow in this section, sound: plants that make different sounds eg grasses that swish will be found here. Smell: these plants will have lots of different scents, touch: some of these plants are soft and fluffy to touch and others are prickly. Taste: there will be lots of herbs here.

There is a sensory path also which will be a path surrounded by wild flowers. The children in the senior yard will be able to see a little bit of the garden and will be able to see the sensory path.

In the garden there is also a wormery that will be full with tiger worms and they will make the compost for the plants. The water from the compost will make the plants grow much faster. We also have an outdoor classroom that if teachers wanted to they could bring there class out and let them learn outside.

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First Holy Communions at Sallins Church this Saturday and Sunday!



This weekend, our three 2nd classes receive their First Holy Communion! They have spent months preparing for this very special time in their lives.

We wish them a wonderful day. We know they will be singing beautiful hymns and the school choir will be supporting them. I wish them the best! God Bless Everyone!


By Conor Murphy

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Scratch Certificates

Every student in the computer club took part in the ICS Scratch competition. We all got a certificate for our projects.


Everyone is very proud and we will continue to do Scratch.

Maeve, Jenna, Lauryn

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Today we got great news!

An Taisce has awarded our school the International Green Flag.

We have received this flag for our work in energy conservation.

The green flag will be presented at the Helix, DCU, on 25th May 2016.

Well done everyone!


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Ms. Malone’s class have fun with Lego

Lego Workshop

On Thursday we went to a Lego workshop in the P.E. hall with Rob and Nicole from Learnit. We talked about the different types of engineers. We learned that engineers design, build and test.

We heard that in the Lego factory there are only six employees as the rest are all robots! We couldn’t believe it! We discovered that we were going to make an alligator out of Lego.

First we got into pairs. We had a laptop each and to start us off we watched a little clip about what the alligator was going to do. When the clip was over, we were given step by step instructions on how to build our alligator.

We took turns deciding what Lego pieces we needed and went and got the pieces. When we had built our alligator, it was connected to the laptop with a USB port. We followed instructions and programmed it to open and close its jaws and to make noises.

We had so much fun learning about how to build with Lego. It was great working as a team and that made the experience even better. We would love to go to a Learnit summer camp!



Lego Workshop!

Last Thursday the 14th of April,  we met two Lego Robotic Engineers who showed us how to build Lego which could move! We built Lego alligators which could open and close their mouth when they sensed movement. It was lots of fun!IMG_9328 IMG_9329 IMG_9330 IMG_9331 IMG_9338 IMG_9349 IMG_9361 IMG_9369 IMG_9363 IMG_9367

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