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On Wednesday we went to the big hall and met two electronic engineers, Rob and Nicole. They told us that we were doing something like Lego except electronic. They showed us how to start the computer programming. There were online instructions. We made the legs and connected them to the wheels. Then we put on the brain of the robot and connected the legs to the brain. After that we connected the USB to the robot. We then programmed the robot to go around the mat that had a duck tape maze. This was great fun! We got half way through the maze but then we had to go home. We really enjoyed this lesson on electronics and we learned a lot about other robots that can help us in different ways.

Thank you for reading,

Sufti,  Aoife, Katie, and Rebecca.   🙂

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Lego Bantz!!!

On Wednesday 13th of April, Ms. Carroll’s 5th class met Rob and Nicole from Learnit. In our group there was Amber, Grace, Jacques and James.

We built Lego vehicles with the laptops as our instructions. It took 46 steps to build the model. Rob told us that he built it in 4 minutes and 47 seconds, he said it was a world record! It took us about 20 minutes to build it. Then we learnt how to programme the cars to navigate around the map that was on the floor.

To programme it you had to plug it in to the laptops we were given. Amber measured the length of each corner of the maze while the rest of us waited until Amber came back with the measurements. Then Grace, Jacques and James programmed it to go around the maze.

We unfortunately didn’t get too far in the maze:[ But apparently we got the furthest out of everyone (we think!)

We thanked Rob and Nicole and went back to class.

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