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Ms. Malone’s class have fun with Lego

on April 19, 2016

Lego Workshop

On Thursday we went to a Lego workshop in the P.E. hall with Rob and Nicole from Learnit. We talked about the different types of engineers. We learned that engineers design, build and test.

We heard that in the Lego factory there are only six employees as the rest are all robots! We couldn’t believe it! We discovered that we were going to make an alligator out of Lego.

First we got into pairs. We had a laptop each and to start us off we watched a little clip about what the alligator was going to do. When the clip was over, we were given step by step instructions on how to build our alligator.

We took turns deciding what Lego pieces we needed and went and got the pieces. When we had built our alligator, it was connected to the laptop with a USB port. We followed instructions and programmed it to open and close its jaws and to make noises.

We had so much fun learning about how to build with Lego. It was great working as a team and that made the experience even better. We would love to go to a Learnit summer camp!


3 Responses to “Ms. Malone’s class have fun with Lego”

  1. kate says:

    it was really fun i want to go again!

  2. M Keane says:

    We are delighted that you all enjoyed the sessions and learned so much about building, programming and testing. Great to see you all working so well in your teams!!

  3. ciara says:

    it was great fun I would love to do it again or go to the summer camp!!!!:)

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