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Working together to enjoy our ‘Five a Day’!

on April 8, 2016

In Room 1 today we made fruit and vegetable smoothies!

6th Class helpers joined us and we made really tasty smoothies!


The fruit and vegetables we started with!

The fruit and vegetables we started with!

We mixed the fruit and vegetables in the big cups. We named all the foods we used.

We added apple juice and yogurt. The smoothies were delicious. Try making your own smoothies at home. Please comment on on blog!

We took photos! Some of them are a bit fuzzy! OOPS!

Look at our Gallery!

First we put the ingredients together in cups.


Finally…… CHEERS!

Junior Infants: Room 1

6th Class helpers

See you again soon!


5 Responses to “Working together to enjoy our ‘Five a Day’!”

  1. sallinsns says:

    We had so much fun!!! Hopefully some of the class can make their own smoothies over the weekend!!! Big thanks to Mrs MacNamara, Mrs. Scott and our 6th class helpers for all their help!!! Mrs Amond.

  2. M Keane says:

    Mmmm!! Looks delicious!!

  3. R. Macnamara says:

    Hello everyone!

    Really great work at school today!
    I will definitely be making fruit and veg smoothies at home this weekend!
    I’ll follow your photo directions!

    Thank you all!
    From Mrs Macnamara & Family 🙂

  4. Simona says:

    Brilliant idea. So important for the children to appreciate and taste a variety of fruit and veg ! 👍🏻

  5. susanne martin says:


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