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Making a vehicle

For science our task was to design and make a vehicle with a fixed or an unfixed axel powered by a balloon or a sail that would travel sixty centimetres. We called our group the ‘Mad Mechanics.’

We used a small box, Lego wheels, skewers , balloon, sellotape, blue tack, card and string.

First we drew our plan. Next we started to construct the vehicle. At first the box was too light so we decided to add some blue tack. Then it was too heavy so we decided to change the box to a bigger one. We then added the sail but it toppled over so we tied it down with string. We blew up our balloon but the wheels were still too small so we changed the front wheels. When we tested it again it worked.We had great fun doing this science project. Don’t forget to check our blog for more posts and remember to leave a comment!




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The Air Mills

On Thursday we had to do a science experiment. We had to design and make a vehicle that was powered by a balloon or sail and had to travel 60cm .

We used : 2 milk cartoons, skewers, plastic wheels (which we got from a kit), blue tac , balloons and cello tape.

We used a milk carton to make the base of the design and we used the skewers and made a hole so that we could attach the wheels.  We made a paddle design and attached a skewer and we made a small hole and sellotaped on a balloon. The pressure from the balloon moved the paddle which moved the wheels.

Ours worked as we imagined it would. But we had to make a few changes along the way. But ours still moved 60 cm.




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Vehicle Building



Our group name was “The Hover Heads”.

Our task was to build a vehicle that could move 60 cm across a desk using either balloons or sails as power. First, we had to draw up a plan. We decided to make  a hovercraft using balloons. We got the materials, and then we started to build it. We used 2 balloons, an empty tub of butter, a CD, scissors, elastic bands and blue-tack. 2 of us blew up the balloons, and the other 2 built it. We had lots  of fun building it, and that’s the main thing.


Our School website: 

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GAA week two

On Wednesday, we had our second week of GAA skills. We started by doing a warm up. We then moved on to a solo-ing drill. It was great fun and we had a race at the end of the drill. After that, we ran over to the hand passing drill. Finally, we did a catching drill. It was great fun because we used the basketball hoops. It was a great second week and we had lots of fun. Roll on week 3!


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Designing and making a car

Our group name is the Vroom Vroooms and on Thursday, our class was challenged to design and make a moving vehicle powered either by a balloon or a sail with a fixed or non-fixed axle that will travel 60cm. First of all, we came up with a plan and drew it on paper. Second of all we got a plastic box, skewers, a piece of card, Lego wheels and tape. We used the skewers as axles and we used card as a sail. We followed our car around with a balloon to get it to move. It was fun experimenting on our car. Keep looking out for more posts!





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Yesterday in class we had to build a vehicle that was powered  by a balloon and moved 60 cm. First of all we had to draw out our plan and list out our materials. Next we started to construct our car. when we were finished we tested it out it  didn’t work  so we had to go back to the drawing board. We figured out that we had to add a sail because our wheels were too heavy. When we tried it out it worked and it moved 60 cm . It was a fun activity and we all enjoyed it very much.


This is our plan.

This is our finished car.

This is our finished car.



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Today in class we made a vehicle that had to move 60 cm in a straight line. Our group is called The Hovercrafters. We decided to build a hovercraft. The hovercraft is a simple design made of a push-top bottle cap, a balloon, a blank CD and tape. This is how we made it: First, we blew up a balloon. Secondly, we hooked the bottom of the balloon where you blow it up onto the bottle cap. Then we pushed down the bottle cap and stuck it onto the CD using strong tape. It was finished in less than 10 minutes. Then we demonstrated to the class about how it works. We pulled up the bottle cap and the air began coming out of the balloon, and it glided across the table and went 60 cm. Mission accomplished!IMG_2477

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Science Project

Yesterday, our group (Slick Scientists) were given to task of making a vehicle that can travel 60 cm in a straight line. First, we drew up a plan. We also listed our materials. We then gathered our materials.IMG_2437

When building the vehicle at first, we used a balloon but it was too light. We then used a sail with a lot of weight but then it was too heavy so we had to redesign the plan with new wheels. We shifted the weight to the back. With the new design, the plan worked very well. It travelled the 60 cm and it went in a straight line. It was good fun and it was a great success.


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