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Tasty Tagliatelle… NOT from the shop!…Homemade in Room 18

on November 30, 2019

Welcome to our blog this week.

Today we met to prepare fresh pasta and to play UNO.

See how we got on.

To make the dough you need: 3 eggs, 2 cups of plain flour, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of cooking oil. Mrs Macnamara made the dough earlier and showed us the photos!


We flattened and stretched the dough by turning it through the roller machine. Then we attached the cutting rollers and rolled it through again and it came out in thin strips. It was fun to do!


Mrs. Clancy helped us cook the fresh pasta. While it was cooking we played a game of UNO. It’s a great card game. We have to get rid of our cards and say UNO when we have just one card left. Pádraig was first get rid of all his cards! 🙂 When play stops the rest of us add up our card numbers! Maths is everywhere! It is in the cooking and the card games!


Serve with cheese and tomato sauce and eat with friends! Bon appetite!

Room 18





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