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Rag Day Fruit Kebab’s (And a Fruit Feast.)

on May 5, 2017

Enjoy the fruit kebabs!… We did!


5 Responses to “Rag Day Fruit Kebab’s (And a Fruit Feast.)”

  1. Mrs Macnamara says:

    Hello Friday Fruit Feasters!

    I am looking at your Kebab Blog!
    You did great work today.
    I think I will make these over the weekend!
    If the sun keeps shining we’ll grill them on the BBQ!
    Thank you all!
    I missed shearing this activity with you all.
    Well done!

    Mrs Mac

  2. Andrew Gillespie says:

    Those fruit kebabs looked really tasty and wonderfully presented. Well done to the children and teachers cooking skills……Andrew (Isabelle’s Dad)

  3. Mr. Mc Glinchey says:

    Those fruit kebab’s look really tasty and perfect for the lovely weather we’re having.

    Well done on a great job and keep up the good work on the blog.

    I am going to share your recipe with our 4th class in room 29.

    Mr. Mc Glinchey.

  4. sallinsns says:

    Very healthy and they look very tasty!

    Mrs Keane

  5. Kate Macnamara says:

    Looks delicious! We have some different fruits in Singapore, I may try mixing up the recipe a bit here and see how it goes!

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