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100 Year old Apple Tree! and A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Today, in Room 18, we visited the ‘Cookery Archive’ on our school website! cookery-archive.html

HERE you can see how our school friends, before us, cooked and baked many tasty recipes. Now, we learn from their work and ‘HOW TO…! photos. Also! Click on:  to take a trip down memory lane! You can follow all the different tabs  on the HOME PAGE and see what pupils have been doing at Sallins NS over the years! Drop-down Tabs include: Calendar, Book-lists, Policies, School Newsletters, School Events, Science in Sallins School, Heritage in Schools, Sport, Cooking Together, About Us, Noticeboard. There’s a lot to learn about the past pupils of Sallins NS!

Today We Made…….

Stewed Apples & Custard: We followed the very same recipe from 5 Years Ago!

Ms Kelly still has the apple tree. Yesterday she gave Ms Carroll & Mrs Macnamara some apples from this very old tree. It is over 100 years old. The apples look a bit old too, but we know they are very good inside.

All you need: Apples, Water, Sugar, Custard Powder & Milk

Off We Go!

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