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Photo Journal of 3rd Class: Ms O’Mahony’s Lego Workshop

When we had finished making our catapults, we were given rubber bands to launch. The band acted as the load and we practised using different amounts of effort to see how far we could get the band to go. We had a plastic container to aim into!

We then had a class competition with Róisín and Megan winning the launch. Look at our gallery below:

Photographs taken by Grace, Hugh 6th class


Photo Journal Of 3rd Class: Ms O’Mahony’s Lego Workshop

After the lecture , we worked in pairs and built our Lego catapult, by following the instructions. It was fun and educational at the same time!

Look at our pictures in the gallery below.

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Photo Journal of 3rd Class: Ms O’Mahony’s Lego Workshop

Upon arriving in the hall, we listened to Rob’s LEGO lecture.

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Lego workshop

On Wednesday Ms. Cully’s class went to a Lego workshop in the P.E. hall with Rob and Niamh from Learnit. We talked about the different types of engineers. We learned that engineers design, build and test.

First we got into pairs. We had a box with all the different parts of Lego that we needed to make a catapult. We worked together and followed the instructions carefully. The main parts of the catapult were the pivot point, the load and the effort.

How far the load went depended on where the pivot point was placed. The further away the pivot point was placed from the load, the further the load went. We used rubber rings as our load.

We had so much fun learning about how to build with Lego. It was great working as a team and that made the experience even better. We would love to go to a Learnit summer camp!

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