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How are our seeds coming along!

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5th class Felting

We were really lucky to have a felting session with an artist Liadain Butler. We really enjoyed it and we hope you enjoy our masterpieces!

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5th class Engineering

After all our designing and planning it was time to get down to action. We enjoyed working with our group and we were delighted that things went well. We had to share ideas and respect everybody’s opinion. We had to divide up the jobs then. We were very pleased with our results. We were studying the famine in history.

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Our Eiffel Towers!

In 2nd class we were learning all about France. Mrs Martin gave us a job to build our own Eiffel Towers. The real Eiffel Tower is in Paris.

We were only allowed to use newspaper!! Teacher put us into groups and we had to tell everybody our idea. When we thought our idea was good we started to build it. We like looking at everybody’s and we put them all in the hall.

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Engineers’ Week – 4th class made tables using newspaper!!

During Engineers’ Week our class were asked to make tables using eight pieces of newspaper and sellotape and a piece of card. Our table had to hold at least one book! We were puzzled at first! How was this going to work! We were put into groups and we had to come up with a plan first before we could touch anything. It meant we all had to share any ideas. Then the hard bit. We had to agree on what we would do. We divided up the jobs so everybody was doing something. We were really pleased with our results. We loved doing this. Some of us would like to be engineers when we grow up!



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Thank you to our two Engineers!

Thank you from 2nd class and 3rd class for coming to our school and helping us to make our bridges. We learned lots of things.

We know it is important to work together in our group. We learned it is important to draw a design and get everything ready before you start. We learned it is important to share the jobs. We learned it’s important to finish the job on time!

We really enjoyed building our bridges and looking at everyone else’s to see what they did. We had great fun and we would love to do it again. Thank you Brian and Dave


Dave gives us good advice.

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Engineers’ Week in St. Laurence’s NS

We’ve had a very busy Engineers’ Week here in our school. We were very lucky that two parents, Brian and Dave came to help us.

Brian and Dave told us a lot about the work they do. They work for Intel.

After the talk our teacher divided us up into groups of 6. Our task was to design and build a bridge. We had to talk with each other, listen to everybody’s idea and draw a design for our bridge. We had ice-cream sticks, string, sellotape, blutack, paperclips and elastic bands to use for making our bridges. That was all. The bridge had to go between two chairs and we had to measure the distance so that everybody’s bridge was the same length. We had great fun!



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