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It’s Electrifying!!

Yesterday we learned a lot about electricity. We talked about the dangers and how to be safe around electricity. It was a lot of fun. It was a lovely surprise. We got wires, batteries, light bulbs and our task was to make the bulb light. We learned about the positive and negative ends of the battery. We learned that it was important where you put the wires on the light bulb and that we needed a battery to make them all work. Then we got a buzzer and put it into our circuit. Mrs Clancy said it sounded like the traffic during rush hour in Naas when everybody had their buzzers connected! Then we connected a motor with a propeller on it. It was spinning around. We loved it! Ms Molyneaux’s class love Science!

Aaron, Ben, Anna, Cara

4th class

Ms Molyneaux’s class


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