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img_5819 img_5820 img_5821 img_5822 img_5823 img_5824 img_5826 img_5827Nine winners were picked to go to the Grand Final in DCU on February 3rd. We were called out! We couldn’t believe it. We’re still shaking!! We had a great day!!


Science Show

img_5813 img_5814 img_5815 img_5816 img_5817 img_5819During lunchtime we had a science show.  The man was really good. He was juggling while he was on a unicycle!! It was all about gravity! Physics!! We really enjoyed it.

Isabella and Sophie



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img_5810 img_5811 img_5813 img_5814      We got a lovely lunch! Yum!!

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Judge’s visit

One judge has come to us so far. We’re expecting another one soon. We feel we did a good job! He asked us lots of different questions. He was very friendly and talkative. Lots of people who work at Intel have visited us also. Brian a dad of two children  in our school came to see us. All good so far!

Sophie and Isabella


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Regional Finals at Intel


 img_5800 img_5801 img_5802

Hi Sophie and Isabella here. We are very excited and a bit nervous today because we are at the Miniscientist in Intel. Our project is called Pollution Solution. We left school at 8.30 this morning and came on the bus with Mr O’Connor and Mrs Keane.  We have set up our project and we’ve just been told that we’ll have two judges. Oh dear one is coming now! We’ll let you know how we’re getting on.

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