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The Lifecycle of the Butterfly

on May 28, 2016



2nd class learned all about the lifecycle of the butterfly. We learned how a butterfly lays eggs on a leaf they grow and turn into a caterpillar. Next the caterpillar eats a lot and forms a cocoon. This is called a chyrsalis or a pupa. When it comes out of this stage it is a beautiful butterfly. We all love butterflies.

Later on we did some art work! Our butterflies were lovely and colourful!


4 Responses to “The Lifecycle of the Butterfly”

  1. J. Macnamara says:

    Looking great! Well done for getting them finished, really proud of you! – Ms Macnamara

    • Room 13 Sallins says:

      Hi Miss MacNamara! We all miss you so much in Room 13! So glad you like our butterflies! We loved making them with you and learning all about the lifecycle of the butterfly! 🙂

  2. M Keane says:

    Looks like you all learned a lot! Lovely artwork! Well done!

  3. Ms. Ahern says:

    Beautiful butterflies 2nd class! Very creative

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