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Fairy Cakes: 2nd Class in Room 18

We baked fairy cakes today!  They were delicious!  We might bake them again at home!

We mixed:

90g   Self-raising flour

90g   Caster sugar

90g   Stork margarine

2        Eggs

1/2tsp Vanilla essence

We baked them in paper cases in the oven: 190 degrees for 15 minutes. The baking smell was lovely! Some people came in to visit and ask us about our baking! 😄 Baking is a great way to share time and chat with friends, and practice maths, reading and science!

We made icing: It was so easy!

90g   Icing sugar mixed with a table spoon of water! Sprinkles are pretty!

We made 12 fairy cakes! They didn’t last long!

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