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GAA Training

on May 1, 2015

On Wednesday, a GAA instructor came into our school. His name was Anthony. We started off the exercise by doing some warm ups. The first warm up was where we all lined up and walked around the court, and Anthony would call out things like “sideways”, or “high knees”, and we had to do the action. We then did ‘solos’. We got quite good at these! We then had to solo and kick the ball from the other end to the next person in the line. This made us try to be accurate. We surprised Anthony because as  a class we did really well! We’re looking forward to the next session. We’ll keep you updated.

IMG_2383 IMG_2382 Gaa training


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  1. neela says:

    hey guys missing sallins so much looks like a lot of fun wish I was there

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