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Cook @ Home with GOOGLE & A Little Help from US!


Last week we met to cook and complete a grammar quiz…..

While we are all home we can help in the kitchen. Here is a great Google Recipe for a SWEET OMELETTE…

Sweet breakfast omelette. Yes, really! It’s delicious!


Begin by separating the egg yolk and egg white…. Look at our easy way to do this! It works every time!

Whisk the egg whits to a meringue…. The TEST of a job well done is to hold them over someone’s head…. upside down! We did well!

Mix the egg yolks with yogurt and sugar, and then mix with the meringue. It is really fluffy…..

Fry for 5 minutes and place the pan under the grill till golden brown. Share using FRACTIONS! Top with yogurt, fruit and jam. Delicious! Try this at home


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