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Christmas Tree Cookies in Room 18

Today we decorated Christmas Tree Cookies for our families.

First we each counted the people in our family with cubes. Then we traded each cube for a cookie! Like shopping!

Some of us had less cookies than others so we decided to have a fair share ……. like in DIVISION. We are learning about division in Maths. It’s all about fair sharing….. sometimes there might be cookies left over!

So we looked at who had the MOST cookies and we all matched this number.

Now each of us has 6 cookies!

We saved 6 cookies for one of our friends who was not at school today.


Once we each had 6 cookies we melted the chocolate “Bain Marie” (in a bowl over hot water). Next we spread the melted chocolate on the cookies and decorated them with sprinkles. We prepared boxes and gift tags!


from Room 18

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Rm.28, Our Christmas Art

Christmas has arrived in Rm.28!

Blogged by Craig, Rm.28.


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