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Remembering Victims of the Holocaust.

Last November the 6th class pupils planted yellow crocus bulbs. During the week of January 27th, which was the Holocaust Remembrance Day, we checked them. We did this to remember all the Jewish men, women and children who died in World War Two who were forced to wear the star of David. We remember all these Jewish people who died, to make sure a genocide like this never happens again. We hope that by remembering and learning about the Holocaust we can prevent it from happening in the present or in the future.

A big thank you to Kevin who made the wooden Star of David to mark this special flower bed.

Planting crocuses, November 2018.

Planting crocuses, November 2018.

Remembering through prayer, November 2018.

Crocus bulbs in bloom ,January 2019.

Timofe, 6th class.

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