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Friday again! Here we are in Room 28 PRINTING!

on January 18, 2019

Today we did our prints and we learned how to do mono printing.

When the prints are dry they will be put up on the wall for all to see!


Come back soon to see our Gallery.

Here we are today… artists at work!


One Response to “Friday again! Here we are in Room 28 PRINTING!”

  1. Mrs. Macnamara says:

    Well Done 3rd Class Room 28!

    Watching you design your mono prints today was great. Lots of ideas and free thinking. You also are getting so good at the steps to blogging. You know hoe to access the blog, start a new post, get your ideas across in sentences, add media, upload files, create a GALLERY and submit for publishing. Well done on all these steps you follow on the interactive whiteboard. Great learning all round and lovely art work too!

    Mrs Mac.

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