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Our amazing artist!

For the Lion’s Club held a competition for primary schools. All of our 5th classes took part. We had to draw a picture, the theme was ‘A Celebration of World Peace’. I started drawing and the idea came into my head as I was drawing. I wanted to make my picture bright, colourful and eye-catching. All the pictures were put up in the hall. A judge came to the school and mine was picked as the winner and another boy Paddy came second. The judge took my picture away with her. I was delighted and surprised. I had to go to Lawlors’ Hotel on Wednesday night last week. There were four other schools there. After a little while the judge announced that my picture was the winner out of all the schools. I was really happy and excited. I got my picture back and it had been framed. It had my name on it. I got presented with a big cardboard cheque and teacher took the real one for the school. Afterwards I went to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate with my family. We had a lovely time.

by Anna

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